Saturday, June 10, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Riser's Resolve by Lindsay Cross

Riser's ResolveRiser's Resolve by Lindsay Cross
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Short and snappy…
This is the twelfth book in a series that I believe there can never be enough books in. The characters are everything you want in a modern romance. The men are strong, smart and protective – ready to do what is needed to maintain right and protect their friends and family. Their women match them in bravery and intelligence, no matter what their circumstances. And Laney is ready to show Riser just that…
“Her sweetness and strength screamed she was a forever girl and not the type for a one night stand.”
Laney is frantic – worried, scared and trust was the last thing she is thinking of giving. Riser doesn’t give her any choice though as he offers salvation in the form of a solution, the only one she has right now. Both are taking a leap of faith and, sink or swim, they were in it, together. I loved the chemistry that immediately ignited between them – with trust building amid the harrowing situation they found themselves in.
This read was not anywhere near long enough. I know, I know. I always want good books to last longer. That’s not wrong, is it? This is a novella so things had to happen fast and though said things were hot and emotional (in equal measure) the timing didn’t feel quite right. Not just yet. I wanted these scenes, loved these scenes, but I had to not think too much about the timing…
I LIKED this story – alpha male meets protective momma bear - a lot! It was a full and complete story with plenty of action and heart – two things that are part and parcel to any book by this author. She knows how to pull me into her reads and make me want to stay!

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