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Lynzi's Review ~ Bayside Desires by Melissa Foster

Bayside Desires (Bayside Summers, #1)Bayside Desires by Melissa Foster
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


"Cosmos brought you together. He always knows exactly who needs to meet and when."

Nothing could have been more true. Thank the stars and the universe for Cosmos.

I have truly loved reading this authors books. Everyone that I have read, even if it's withing a series I have never read before, I have loved them. And this one, was no different.

Desiree has never had the type of relationship with her mother or sister like most girls do. But wanting her and her mother to be close, has always been a dream of hers. So when her mother says she needs her, because she's 'dying', she does the only logical thing, runs to her mother's side. Little did she know, that her wayward kinda cray cray mother had BIG plans. Her mother Lizza throws her and her sister, Violet, lives into a tailspin, and the only thing they can do is hang on for the ride. Even though its messy and rocky, Desiree will soon learn, it will be the best ride of her life. With her being so uptight, a little time on the Cape with her always wondering, wilder sister, is just what she needs to help her loosen and open up.

Rick has let the only place he has called home, to escape the memories and ghosts of his past. Moving states away was the best thing he could do. Or so he thought. While he was running, he lost more than he already had. He lost the family he had left, and the friends. All who loved and missed him dearly. Going into business with his brother and their best friend, he needed to return home for a bit. But he couldn't wait to return 'home'. Until a certain pool hopper lead him to everything he ever needed.

Digging up the past, on both their parts, isn't easy. It makes times a little harder and darker, but they seem to balance each other out. They make it all work together. In perfect sync.

Even though I thought Lizza was crazy, and really disliked her for majority of the book, I think it all played out perfectly.

Such a good, sweet, sexy, fun story. I can't wait to read more from the Bayside gang. I definitely need to read Dean's book. :)

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