Monday, June 12, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ From the Ashes by Dani René

From the Ashes - A Forbidden Series NovellaFrom the Ashes - A Forbidden Series Novella by Dani René
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Wow!! Just, wow!!

I am blown away. Novella's always, and I mean always, end too soon for me. But I am so glad that I get to jump into the next book. The one that follows these characters. I can't wait to jump into more depth of their past, their relationship, and their future. With the chemistry these too have, there has to be a future. But there is so much hurt, pain, anf heartbreak in their past, I don't know how they will move forward.

Skyla has been taken, trained, and used. She has love and lost. She has been freed and given a choice, but she still isn't fully happy. She may never be happy again. Because the one person she gave her heart to, shattered it by leaving, and he never looked back. She survived hell and survives her today's by guarding her heart and not feeling. Going through the motions. Until a set of familiar eyes changes it all.

Kale turned his back on the life his father had laid out for him. But not before he found something more. Someone more. In the life he had to lead under his family's shadow, he found light. He found love. But he left anyways. Following his dreams, getting a new start, he heads to New York. Trying to become the one thing he wants, he lacks inspiration. So a friend helps him try to get someone through women. Going to an elite club called Inferno, he tries to relax. Until he sets eyes on the woman on the stage. The woman he has loved. The woman he walked away from, is in front of him, and now he doesn't plan on letting her go again.

This one was so good. Short, to the point, but rough at the same time. I can't wait to read more of this couple because I know there is more important detail to dive into and uncover.

So, onto the next book I go!!

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