Friday, June 2, 2017

Shy's Review ~ Real Deal by Piper Rayne

Real Deal (Single Dads Club #1)Real Deal by Piper Rayne
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In this brand new series from this new author duo, I was introduced to sexy single dad Marcus and his daughter's camp counselor Cat. These two have an awkward history which is making for a tension filled present. Because Marcus is very attracted to Cat. But Cat seems to not remember their past from 6 years ago and when you add in their age difference and his trust issues, it makes for one heck of a bumpy road to romance.

This book had a lot of elements I like. Single dad who's dedication to their kid is obvious, younger leading lady who isn't completely naive and disconnected from the ways of the world, age difference to over come. It was all there plus so much more. And it was so very well written.

I was really impressed by Cat's character especially. Despite her actions of 6 years prior, and despite having some serious life choices to make, she seemed to be a very level headed character. She was smart and talented and stood up for herself. She didn't let anyone walk all over her, including Marcus.

I think one of my favorite aspects of the story and the series as a whole is the single dad's club, it's members and the idea behind it. But I particularly liked the dynamics between Marcus, Garrett and Dane. Marcus was that perfect middle or balance between the other two and I think he was the perfect character to come first in the series. He had so many great qualities and made it easy to be in his corner and hope for his happily ever after.

Overall I know I will certainly be grabbing the following books in the Single Dad's Club series because after this one I can't wait to see what Piper Rayne has in store for the other dad's. I want to see who finally tames Dane and I want to know Garrett's story.

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