Thursday, July 20, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Mayhem's Warrior by Lindsay Cross

Mayhem's Warrior: Operation MayhemMayhem's Warrior: Operation Mayhem by Lindsay Cross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Danger and love in a heady mix…

I couldn’t wait to dive into Caroline’s story! The danger-filled journey that she and Reaper found themselves on was one long in the making. While Mayhem’s Warrior is the start of a new spin-off series, the intrigue and suspense have been building for a long time in this author’s Men of Mercy series. If you love hot, military romance full of adventure, political intrigue and characters and plots that deliciously fill every story corner than you have come to the right place!

“Project Mayhem had buffed down his rough edges, leaving him invulnerable.”

The adrenaline is high from the start as Reaper and Caroline are running for their lives. Who is rescuing who is the question as secret motives vie with bone-chilling reality where death is around every corner. It is hard to find five minutes of peace of serenity anywhere as tension, and testosterone, is high from the first page to the last. Escape is their goal but it is a hard-won fight as they careen from one potential disaster to the next. A genetically-enhanced soldier and a high society princess make an unlikely pair, let alone couple, but each supports the other – emotionally, physically – in ways that take them both off guard.

“His angel was a warrior princess.”

How is romance possible when the fight for survival is priority one? There are no champagne dinners or red roses but the feelings and emotions are no less sweet or heart-felt. Maybe it is the contrast between such harsh reality (and some of the scenes are brutal in their intensity) and their growing feelings that make both seem more vivid and real. This was a whirlwind read and I can’t wait for more!

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