Monday, July 3, 2017

Jess's Review ~ Notice by K. Webster

NoticeNotice by K. Webster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Any time I read a book by K Webster I know I am in for a wild ride and this one was no exception to that rule. It wasn't as dark as some of her other books, but it definitely wasn't light. It did take the creepy/stalker persona to a whole new level and then added in some grit, a bit of dark humor, and some heat.

Violet has had enough from her job. After six years of being overlooked and mishandled she is done. But slapping her notice on her bosses desk has the opposite effect she things it should. Because now after missing what was right in front of him Greyson had his sights on something he refuses to let go of.

So begins the strange yet captivating story of Grey and Violet. There were times that I perhaps questioned my own sanity because with each passing act of the stalker extraordinaire he became more endearing. Both of these characters have less than stellar pasts and both have quirks that makes them who they are now. Together they work, albeit weird with a lot of push and pull. There is one thing I can surely say about this author and that is to expect the unexpected. Each time she writes something, I still find myself surprised. This new set of characters were nothing like I expected. And while I didn't love Violet's character I enjoyed reading about her. While I probably should not have loved Grey, I kind of did, even when he did things that made me have the out-loud "WTF." You did need to suspend your beliefs a bit because there were some things that were so wild and situations that were a bit far-fetched, but being that this is a work of fiction and supposed to be a messed up story, it all worked.

This was another unforgettable book that still has me shaking my head, quite a number of days later. I can't wait for what else is locked into the scary imagination of Ms. Webster.

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