Monday, July 3, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ Covet by Dani René

Covet (Forbidden Series #2)Covet by Dani René
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just what I much more to them and their story than I had read from the Novella. So much more pain. So many more secrets. So much more darkness.

Paige finally has her freedom and the man she loves is back in her life. Now she doesn't know where or how to go forward, but she knows she doesn't want a life without him. But darkness creeps into your mind, even when you are at your happiest. She has demons and fears she has to face, and with him at her side, she knows she can spread her wings and fly. He will be her wind to help her soar.

Kael never thought he would have his love back, nor that they would have a life together. But fate has better plans for them. But along with their happily ever after, comes a evilness they have to overcome. They have already both been through hell, but in the mist of their happiness, their past has roared it's ugly head. There is only one was to deal with it, to go through it. With his feisty redhead, he can do anything.

Kael and Paige's story is not your typical romance. There meeting is not a romantic, hearts and roses one. Nor is their start. Their start and middle are just down right awful. Dark, dirty, twisted, and all around messed the hell up. But some how, some way, in the midst of all that, they found love. They found strength. They found truth and light. It's a crazy beautiful darkness.

I'm kinda ashamed to say this, and honestly never thought I would, but I think this one had way to much sex. With as much as I loved this one, I felt like the sex was just was too often. I would of loved if a few were taken out and I got to see more of them being a couple and doing things.

Over all, definitely a good read. If you are into the dark and twisted.

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