Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ Clipped by Remy Blake

ClippedClipped by Remy Blake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Avery left her hometown eight years ago. While she misses her family, she does not miss the hell she went through in school. Constantly picked on because she liked everything a certain way. She's headed home to deal with a family emergency. She's no longer Anal Avery, and she won't take anyone's crap anymore.

Wes is all grown up these days. Owning a tree removal company and participating in lumberjack competitions certainly help. Avery still sees him as the offensive jerk he was back in school. It's up to him now to show her that he's not the jerk he used to be.

This was my first book by the duo making up Remy Blake. I really enjoyed this one as one of my favorite genres. I love a good emenoes to lovers story, and they really brought the humor and heat into this one. I loved the instamt chemistry between Wes and Avery. She resisted beautifully, but Wes wasn't having it. There was a slow burn that you could just watch ignite and get brighter until the heat exploded off the pages. From beginning to end I was captured by the sweet, witty, and sexy moments. The dual pov was important to the story. It was nice to get both sides and how they each felt about everything that happened in the past. And of course, I loved reading how each had changed over the years. This was brilliantly written. I always love finding new authors that I enjoy!

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