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Release Tour ~ Review ~ Wasted by MJ Fields

Title: Wasted
Series: Steel Country #3
Author: MJ Fields
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 24, 2017
Cover Designer: Jersey Girl & Co 

Haunted and hidden.
Mysterious and sexy, Grayson Falcon steers clear of commitment in all forms. He takes the road less traveled, avoiding the demons of his past and the nightmares they cause. He uses his good looks and country charm to attain pleasure, but it is always a short-lived reprieve.
Sweet and scarred.
Once believing that love can conquer all, Mandee Carlain’s life was then turned upside down and inside out. Her beauty queen good looks and sweet smile always caught the eye of the wrong kind of man. However, as a survivor, she still holds on to hope that one day she will come face to face with the man whose whispered words will give her strength to still believe.
What happens when the hopeless find hope the wrong time?
Love is...Wasted.

When I have made peace with my anger, released it in tears and screams and allowed my body to float and release the tension, I simply float, eyes closed, kicking my feet ever so often, moving my arms when I feel I should and allow myself to drift toward reality’s shores.
I feel my foot drag across the lake’s floor and sigh as I push my feet down and stand, opening my eyes.
I gasp when I see him, Grayson, standing on the gravel, my dress over his shoulder and a towel in his hand. His square jaw, peppered with a few days’ worth of growth and slightly lighter than that on his head, his jaw is tight, and I see the muscles in it working. His eyes are so deeply connected to mine it renders me almost unmoving.
The way he looks at me is unrecognizable. Angry? Annoyed? 
When his eyes leave mine after what seems like an eternity, then move to my lips, I wonder if there is something on them. Then they slowly, very slowly, move down my body. At this moment, I remember I am in a bra and panties, in front of Grayson Falcon, sexiest man alive.
I quickly sink down to a seated position and curl into myself, hiding myself, incredibly insecure and horrifically embarrassed. 
“You’re blue, Mandee, and blue isn’t a good color on you. Come on; get up out of there.”

It's nice to have someone who'll keep your secrets, but some secrets are meant to come out.

Grayson Falcon avoids commitment. There's only one woman he's ever truly wanted, and has no idea who she is. He only goes home on holidays and special occasions. All he wants is to avoid the demons and nightmares of his past.

Mandee Carlin always attracted the wrong kind of guy. Now, she holds onto the hope given to her by the mysterious voice singing in the woods.

I don't really like players, but I didn't really see Grayson as one. He was straightforward, told it like it was. He didn't want commitment, just some fun. That is, until he meets Mandee. You could see the difference immediately. He was afraid to show his true feelings, knowing he couldn't stay. Knowing he'd have to leave to avoid hurting his brothers and mother. I absolutely loved the fact that he realized once you find your true love, you grab on and keep it close and never let it go.

Mandee had a hard time growing up with her mom sick. Her parent's were the perfect role models for her, but she lost out on a lot of motherly advise when her mom passed. Her dad still loved her dearly, but they were just existing, especially after the incident at college. What happens when she falls for the bad boy again, instead of the safe and steady? Sometimes it's easier to exist, but it takes a special person to make you live again.

This book had all the feels. I fell in love with Grayson and the amazing person he was. And Brand? What a little cutie, taking after his uncle, singing to his crush. I loved this amazing story of two people who deserved another chance at living more than anything. Another MJ book beautifully written!  

USA Today bestselling author MJ Fields write books that scorch pages and melt hearts.  
Her style is raw, gritty and authentic.
Love an alpha and a strong heroine? She does too.
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