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Lynzi's Review ~ Cessy by Ambere Sabo

Cessy (Silent Sons MC Novel, #1)Cessy by Ambere Sabo
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

MC's have quickly become one of my favorite things to read. I love the rawness. The grit. The no give a damn attitudes, but also the brotherhood that is reflected in each and everyone. Each one is different. Some are darker and dirtier than others, some are tame, but the strength and bond between brothers is all the same. And that's what I love. I love the loyalty, respect, and love that comes with them. Even in the most messed up situations, brothers in cuts have each other's backs.

This book was different. This book had that loyalty, but along with it, had the reality of this word. That things aren't always as it seems, and people aren't always honest and there to support you. Some people are evil and will do what they can to see you fail, but also to see them shine.

Reine, or Cessy, hasn't always lived the club life. With her Pops the president of The Reapers, keeping her mother and her far from the life was the safest things for them. Or so he thought. When Cessy's mother dies, Hawk has no other option but to bring Cessy more into his life. But not all his decisions have happy endings. Which leave her living at the clubhouse, with a bunch of brothers who can't stand the new Reaper's Princess. Even thought they give her hell, she finds her strength in those walls. She finds her back bone that she will need to get her through the hell she will soon face. When her father has an accident, she knows there is someone behind it, and a brother is to blame. But she needs help to prove it. So she reaches out to her life long friend, Havoc, and his club The Silent Sons. Just like with the clubhouse she grew up in, she gets more than she bargained for within the walls of The Sons clubhouse. She wasn't expecting Venom and his brooding to be everything she needed.

Venom has been down the road of giving his heart away to a woman, and it's definitely not something he's willing to do again. Especially not to the Princess of The Reaper's. No matter how hot she is, he needs to stay away. Far far away. He knows what she's there for and what she wants from his club, and he wants nothing to do with it. But his vote on the situation, doesn't matter. Majority vote rules. So he's stuck having to deal with her. What he wasn't waiting for was the need to protect her, and the desire to have her, to build in him every day he spend with her and around her. He knows she's trouble, but he has a feeling she will be worth it.

When they start to dig into what happened with Cessy's Pops, they find themselves in way deeper than they every thought possible.

Betrayal like they have never seen before.
Destruction they never saw coming.
Evil that was staring them in the face all along.

This book is a roller-coaster ride. You get one step closer and end up ten steps back. Never fully gaining any ground, until it hits you in the face and are left saying 'wtf'. It's so different than other MC's I have read, and so flipping good.

I love a strong female lead, especially one who can knock a strong man on his rear. Cessy is more than a 'strong' woman. She is just, everything. I loved her!!! Her mouth. Her never backing down attitude. Her don't give a crap attitude. The fact she rides. All perfection! And I LOVE how she got her name. So empowering!!!

Now on to book 2...I can't wait!!!

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