Friday, January 12, 2018

Diane's Review - The Wright Secret by KA Linde

The Wright SecretThe Wright Secret by K.A. Linde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Love can defy everything….

This series was one of my favourites last year and that trend continues with even more Wright romance! The characters, the writing, the drama-less drama – it all comes together for one great story after another. I have been waiting for this and Morgan and Patrick are now my new favourites as they come together (finally) in a one-sitting, can’t stop until it is done, read…

“This was Patrick. He didn’t see me that way.”

Morgan has been in love/in lust/into Parker for years while Patrick didn’t seem to have a clue that she was a beautiful, smart and sexy woman. She was his sister’s best friend, full stop. Of course, Morgan hadn’t been spinning her wheels, waiting for him to finally notice her. No, like all Wrights she has been working hard towards her goals and those of her family. She is a great female lead as her strength and independence means she is well-equipped to deal with corporate issues, family problems and anything else that comes her way. She is kick-ass and likable as she knew when to be soft and when to take no prisoners.

“The thought of Morgan had never crossed my mind.”

Patrick was sexy and fun, despite his man-whorish ways. His eyes open to the thought of Morgan as more than a friend but there is a lot of history – and corporate rules – standing in the way of any ever after they may have…

When these two get together, each encounter amps the heat and the temperature is scorching! The secretiveness, the hidden aspect, was done really well. Usually I get a bit frustrated with that storyline because it can be overdone and take over the whole show – that is definitely not the case here. Instead, it was a story I want to read over again! So, so (W)right!!

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