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Blog Tour ~ #Review ~ Tacet a Mortuis by Amo Jones


Tacet a Mortuis, the third installment in Amo Jones's Romantic Suspense Elite Kings Series is AVAILABLE NOW!



Hail to the king, and watch him reign, this game was somewhat fun, until the finale came…
Now we’re here, with carnage and despair, and the only questions left to answer, are the ones that do not appear...
A king loses a war, and a swan sheds her wings, chaos collides with peace, as the crows begin to sing…
Enter if you dare, because I swear the end is near, but nothing is as it seems, and everything is so bare.
So what the f*ck is going on at Riverside, I think, I think... everyone is about to die....
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My Review

This is book three in The Elite King's series and you must read the first two books or the things that are happening in this book will make little sense. Along the same mysterious lines and crazy scenarios Tacet a Mortuis was the perfect addition to this growing series. I can say that if you were hoping this book would hold all of the answers, think again. Actually...I think I might have more questions.

I do have to say I liked how there was a "refresher" at the beginning of the book, especially for those who read these as they came out. While the story itself is not one that I can easily forget, there are a LOT of moving pieces and people so it was helpful to put us back in time and place. Picking up where we are left and with a whole lot of WTF is going on, you are immersed right back into the ever-unfolding story of the Kings and the Swan. Lies on top lies come to light and there were times that I was still a bit confused about it all. Madison is still trying to figure out the role that she plays in all of this and it's not helpful when the one person she thought she could trust is the one who lies to her the most. Bishop is that guy who knows everything but is not the sharing type. And he is having a hard time coming to terms with the way he feels for Madison, especially when he has been brought up in this society.

If you can believe it, there are even more people introduced in this book. There seems to be no end to the number of Elite or Lost Boys. There also seems to be no end to the ways in which everyone is connected. The author must have a whole wall dedicated to the twists and turns of this book to keep it all straight. I know that there were a few times that I would read something, then I'd have to think about what I just read to make it all fit into place. This is probably one of the most complicated and messed up stories I have ever read and it will keep me coming back for more every time. There were times that I felt some things were too drawn out while other things moved too quickly. There were also a couple occasions that I felt like I completely missed something and going back still made me feel that way. Overall though, I love how this book makes me think and I get completely drawn into this world and all of the debauchery that goes along with it. This story is far from over and I can't wait to see how much crazier things for this crew is going to get.

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Amo Jones is a small country girl totally winging this author thing (she's probably doing it all wrong). She likes cake, loves wine, and her religion is magic. She's a profound work-a-holic, but when she's not writing, you can find her chilling with her kids & partner at the nearest beach, with a cocktail in her hand.
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