Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Release Blitz ~ #REVIEW ~ Breath of Deceit by Selena Laurence

He's going all in to get his family out... Breath of Deceit by USA Today Bestselling Author Selena Laurence IS NOW LIVE! 
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Cian MacFarlane is the oldest son of Chicago's reigning crime family. Now the defacto boss of the
organization after his father's retirement, Cian is feared by his enemies and revered by his brothers.
But what if Cian isn't all he seems to be? What if his end game isn't to maintain his father's empire 
but to topple it? As the MacFarlanes broker a deal with the owner of the world's largest dark web site, 
Cian brokers a deal with the FBI. But when he meets Lila Rodriguez, a genius hacker working with
the dark web, his feelings for her only make life more complex.
Determined to save his brothers, even if it means sacrificing himself, Cian lives moment to moment 
in a deadly underworld of cybercrime, drug deals, federal agents, and a vengeful parent who won't 
hesitate to remind his oldest son what it means to be a MacFarlane. Through it all, Cian fights for his
brothers to make it out of Chicagoland crime. But will the pieces fall into place before his breath of
deceit is discovered?

*Breath of Deceit is the first volume of The Dublin Devils Series and contains an HEA for certain
characters, but readers are forewarned that the MacFarlane family story will continue in three
additional novels.

A mix of thriller, suspense with a shot of romance…

“No one normal and decent wanted to know Cian MacFarlane.”

Irish mob brothers? I’m always up for a mafia crime romance and four siblings in the thick of Chicago’s underside lured me right in. Cian is not your typical crime family eldest son, however, as he works to bring down the family business. The tension starts high and never wavers as Cian walks a fine line that is always in danger of breaking… The writing is good as the author knows when to push, pull and push some more as secrets threaten to blow up Cian’s life and those of his family.

What did surprise me, however, was the lack of romance. There was much to enjoy here with the crime family’s business dealings providing all the drama I could wish for. What I expected was Cian and Lila’s story but instead the romance, what there was of it, was between Connor and Jess. It doesn’t take much to confuse me and I struggled to understand what the true focus was. If it was all about the crime family and their business then it was spot on. If it was romance, it missed the mark for me.

This is the first in what is sure to be a twisty, windy, route through a family’s search for truth amidst betrayal. There is a glimpse into Brush of Despair, and while I hope for more romance, I look forward to whatever the MacFarlane’s have in store.
About Selena
Selena is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Selena Laurence, and paranormal/UF as Eden Laine. She loves mocha lattes, the mountains in Colorado where she lives, and her Goldendoodle. Her favorite city is London, her favorite color is purple, and her favorite shoes are Converse, but really anything that will get her feet from point A to point B works.
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