Monday, June 11, 2018

Erin's Review ~ Beyond the Pain by Victoria Renteria

Beyond The Pain (The Beyond Series Book 1)Beyond The Pain by Victoria Renteria
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beyond the Pain was a very interesting and intriguing story. I was pulled in by the paranormal aspect. Time bending, clairvoyance, and so much more, I knew this was my kind of story.

Renteria takes us on an exciting, twisted, and dark journey. Colton was a fascinating character with all of his abilities. She wove his gifts together with the mystery in a way that kept me turning the pages. Detective Angelo Donati is the law enforcement side of the book’s duo. Together he and Colton must find an abducted college student. These two were like oil and water. While I enjoy witty banter, I found their back and forth to be a bit too much. I enjoyed both characters individually and there were aspects of their partnership that I liked too, but overall the jabs got old after awhile. I did really enjoy their tender moments, it added a new aspect to the story that was needed.

Renteria not only increases the suspense and danger of the mystery but also introduces a new mystery with Colton and his abilities. I’m a huge paranormal fan so I was excited to watch things amp up in that area. We are left with some things up in the air. I am definitely interested in reading more about Colton and what’s to come for him.

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