Thursday, June 14, 2018

Release Blitz ~ #REVIEW ~ Beneath the Shine by Lisa Sorbe


Release Blitz

Beneath the Shine
by Lisa Sorbe

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Prairie Tales; Book 3 (Standalone)

Thirty-year-old Betsy Kline knows what holds her back. Knows she is the way she is and guards herself the way she does. It took her years, but she finally has the good common sense to know that what happened back then wasn't her fault. But knowing isn't enough to stanch the flow of memories that eat away at her dreams like toxic sludge. Nor is it enough to stop the self-loathing that always finds its way in, creeping-creeping-creeping, tainting every decision she makes. 

But life isn't all bad. She works for a boss she doesn't despise, has a picture-perfect boyfriend (on the outside, at least), and has the sort of friends her lonely younger self only ever dreamed of having. 

Like Adair McTaggart. Now there's a best friend if there ever was one. And the fact that he's a hunk with a sexy Scottish lilt doesn't hurt, either.

Or maybe it does, because lately Betsy can't stop fantasizing about him. Can't keep her heart from stuttering a pathetic little beat in her chest whenever she so much as thinks about him. And when Life throws them together as temporary roommates, those feelings only intensify. Which is the worst thing ever, because he's too good for her. Sure, she can keep him as a friend. But what would she do if she lost him as a lover?

When you've felt wrong for so long, is it possible to ever feel right? And how do you heal the wounds you can't see?

This book, it took me more time than I’d like to admit to read it. It started out so slow and it didn’t catch my attention or interest. I would pick it up, just to put it down five minutes later. I really wanted to put it down and just go to the next book. BUT, I am not a quitter and I’m glad I pushed through!!! Once I made it 40% of the way through the book, I couldn’t put it down. It had me all in the feels. My heart broke for the teenaged Betsy and my heart squeezed when I didn’t think she would get the outcome that I wanted. The story felt all kinds of crazy at parts, but all those parts perfectly came together at the end.

My favorite paragraph, I skipped some of it, in case it would give something away.

“Strength is a choice... People crumble under the weight of the pressure all the time, never realizing they have the power to pull themselves from the rubble.”

It’s a powerful line, not just to Betsy’s situation but to everything that anyone can be going through.  

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