Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Release Blitz ~ #REVIEW ~ Relentless by Elizabeth Dyer

Title: Relentless
Series: Somerton Security #2
Author: Elizabeth Dyer
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mafia Romance
Release Date: June 12, 2018


Ethan Somerton doesn’t do safe or easy. He’s all about the challenge. The risk. In order to rescue one of his agents, Ethan must infiltrate the ruthless Vega cartel. One tiny error—just one—and he’s dead. Which means he needs Natalia Vega. Bright, beautiful, and cut sharper than the most lethal blade, she’s finally reached her breaking point. Now Ethan must find a way to make her surrender.

Caught between desperate choices and no-win situations, Natalia has survived the unthinkable by becoming dangerous, relentless, and feared. When it comes to protecting her sister, there’s no line Natalia won’t cross. But when Ethan storms into her life with his cocksure arrogance, stone-cold competence, and seductive promises, Natalia wonders if she’s finally found a way out. But discovering whether Ethan is salvation or destruction is going to require the one thing Natalia doesn’t have—trust.

As the cartel implodes and loved ones are threatened, Ethan and Natalia are going to have to choose between love, loyalty, and the lies they cling to. They could run, knowing they’ll never be safe. They could fight, knowing they’ll probably die. Or they can trust in each other¼and do something far more dangerous.

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Stomach-churning tension. From the very beginning of Ethan and Natalia’s story I knew this was going to be very different from Georgia and Parker’s. Very different. The Vega cartel had taken something precious from both Ethan and Natalia but the whys and wherefores mattered a lot when one was fighting from the outside and the other, very much, from within. If the humour was definitely missing, other than Parker (of course) popping in for some much needed lightheartedness, there was nothing lacking in the intensity and sheer emotion running through this read. Every moment could bring about a life-ending situation and it did as their quest for justice, for freedom, was waged.

“My uncle won’t kill me, Ethan. That’s not a punishment—it’s just an end we’ve both expected for a long time.”

Ethan couldn’t fail and Natalia couldn’t either. Working against, and with, each other meant an uneasy alliance where promises were made that neither was sure they could keep. Finding love surrounded by such violence seemed impossible yet it fit, somehow, in the storyline without being out of place. Love, after all, is what brought them to their current circumstances and is what they fought tooth and nail for.

There are nail-biting moments, and others where I had to skim a few sentences (not for the faint-hearted!) but I was glued to the pages, wondering, hoping, wishing, as it all played out. There were surprises and a (mostly) satisfying ending even though things were not all resolved. I wonder and worry but most of all, can’t wait for what happens next! 

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Author Bio

Elizabeth Dyer likes her heroines smart and snarky, and her heroes strong and sexy. An attorney and recent coffee devotee, Elizabeth spends the majority of her time tucked into a corner table at Starbucks or pinned beneath her (overly affectionate) bullmastiff. When she isn’t working or wrestling the dog, you can usually find Elizabeth writing the types of sexy, suspenseful books she most loves to read.

A born-and-bred Texan, Elizabeth resides in Dallas, where she indulges in Netflix marathons, Instagramming her dog, and brunch. Definitely brunch. Adorably awkward, Elizabeth hates the phone as much as she loves all the social-media things and hearing from her readers. Follow her on Twitter (@lizdyerwrites) or Instagram (@elizabethdyerwrites).

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