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Tiffany's Review ~ Liam by LeAnn Ashers

Liam (Devil Souls MC #4)Liam by LeAnn Ashers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book four in the Devil Souls MC, this is Liam and Paisley's story. Paisley had a pretty good life in school, good friends, good grades. She was sixteen when she laid eyes on Liam, dark and brooding, she couldn't keep her eyes off of him. Then on one fateful day, he saves her life from a crazy man trying to take her. Now she's positive someday they'll be together.

Liam didn't have a great childhood. He had it pretty rough, and the MC was a lifeline for him. Liam is determined to be the kind of man deserving of Paisley. He's off after school to become that person. Eight long years later, he's back to claim what's his, and nothing will stand in his way. The cartel is moving in, along with a mystery danger, and he'll protect her with everything he has. He's a SEAL, and he'll use his training to keep the woman he loves safe.

I felt like we waited forever for Liam and Paisley's story! We've met them in previous books, so theirs was a long time coming. I loved that they got their lives together first. She was a dedicated nurse and loved her job, and he was the best at his job as a SEAL. The connection between the two hadn't dimmed over the years and I enjoyed following their journey to becoming each other's person. Liam was amazingly protective over her, and the love he felt for her was almost tangible. Paisley was sweet, but had a tough side when it came to standing up for herself and the people she loved. I love when the female lead can fight for herself instead of hiding behind someone. There were so many surprising twists and turns and a shocking twist you'll never see coming.

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