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Now Live ~ Filthy Fight by Alta Hensley

NOW LIVE!!! Filthy Fight by Alta Hensley is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!
“Get ready for a gritty, emotional ride into the world of boxing… A knockout of a book!!” – Amazon reviewer
“A very gritty, emotional, and complex story!! The characters were absolutely amazing” – Goodreads reviewer

Release Blitz ~ Over The Edge by CD Reiss

over the edge banner RB.jpg

“This series grips you by the throat and refuses to let go—and you’ll be begging for more the entire time.” — Sierra Simone, USA Today Bestselling Author

Over the Edge, the stunning conclusion to the “intensely sexy” and “mind-blowing” Edge Series by New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss is available now!

Blog Tour ~ Outrageous by Marie Force

Today we are celebrating the release for OUTRAGEOUS, an erotic romance title that is part of the Quantum series by Marie Force. Check out the buy links and some teasers for the book below.


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Now Live ~ Deviant Attraction by Jennifer Bene

NOW LIVE!!! Deviant Attraction: A Dark and Dirty Collection by Jennifer Bene is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!
“HOT, HOT, HOT and impossible to put down” – Amazon reviewer
“a delicious read from beginning to end” – Amazon reviewer

Live Early ~ Vengeance by Kathy Coopmans

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New & Free in KU ~ Scar by Loki Renard

NEW!!! SCAR: A Dark Military Romance by Loki Renard is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!
“Dark, sexy, surprising, I loved every moment of this unique and inspiring dark romance” - Addison Cain, USA Today Bestselling Author  
“Loki Renard SCARRED me in the best of ways. She is a master at her craft. A true master. This story is a one click not to be missed” - Alta Hensley, USA Today Bestselling Author
“a completely unique, unconventional plot, enthralling characters, off-the-charts steam factor… SCAR blew my mind. Exceptionally well done. – Jane Henry, USA Today bestselling Author

Release Blitz ~ Hearts of Darkness by Catherine Wiltcher

Title: Hearts Of Darkness
Author: Catherine Wiltcher
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: August 17, 2018

Release Blitz ~ The First Time I Saw You by Lorhainne Eckhart

The First Time I Saw You Tour Graphic

99c Book Blast ~ Love's Magic by Janice Jarrell


Book Title: Love’s Magic (Revolutionary Heart Series #1)

Author: Janice Jarrell

Publisher: Self-Published

Genre/s: Contemporary gay romance

Length: 82 406 words/196 pages

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Also available on Kindle Unlimited


Professor Nate Reese rushes to protect a female student and is severely injured at the hands of her assailant. Traumatized by the attack, Nate sets his feet on a no-holds-barred path of activism designed to force university officials into addressing the issue of on-campus assault. At the same time, terrified of losing his hard-won status at the university, his partner, David Gardener, a veteran of 12 years as a very popular Professor, is reluctant to support Nate's militant efforts. Seemingly abandoned by his partner, Nate sees David's aversion to his activism as indifference to the trauma he suffered. Day by day they watch as their relationship disintegrates, while still struggling to resolve the disruptive issues engulfing the school they love.

In the meantime, Irishman Colin Campbell, handsome and charismatic Sergeant for the campus police force, fights his own on-going war against campus assault. But behind his obsessive desire to gain justice for victims lies a devastating secret which could forever destroy his fiercely independent facade and expose his deepest fear. Ultimately, it is Colin’s powerful connection to a steady, dark-eyed Title IX consultant which threatens to tear down his defenses and shatter the barriers protecting his heart.

Cocky and irresistible, the dynamic police officer was everything Joshua Abrams had ever longed for in a man, but Colin simply didn’t ‘do’ relationships. Unless Joshua would settle for a one-night stand, or a very short-term liaison, there was no room for him in Colin’s life. Yet even knowing this, he couldn’t keep himself from falling hopelessly in love with his ‘magic man’. Despite the passion between them, he knew his quiet, reclusive nature could never hope to entice the vibrant, freedom-loving Irishman, so eventually he begins to back slowly away.

Eventually, a disagreement over an oddly disturbing case causes Colin’s hot Irish temper to erupt and their relationship is irrevocably shattered. Heartbroken, and convinced that Colin is gone forever, Joshua flees Charlottesville without a word, leaving Colin adrift and inconsolable.

But Joshua Abrams hadn’t merely stepped over the indelible line Colin had drawn between his heart and the dangers of real love, he had burned through it like hot lava. Finally forced to acknowledge his love for Joshua and his desperate need to have the quiet, Jewish man by his side, Colin must now face the dark and long-suppressed memories which are irrevocably linked to his love for the handsome consultant. Without even a forwarding address to guide him, he vows to find Joshua and bring him home. Colin’s struggle to conquer his pride and fear in order to find the love of his life and achieve their happily ever after will touch your heart.

Four lives in turmoil fighting for the relationships they cherish, and at the heart of the struggle, a great university struggles to survive its most harrowing challenge.


"Please, Josh," Colin said, drawing the words out seductively. "You'll make me think you're mad at me. Do you think I haven't noticed that you've been avoiding me lately? Especially since..." he hesitated, then grinned, "well, since we became close friends."

"I'm not avoiding you," Joshua lied. "I'm not mad at you. I'm..." he drew in a deep breath. "I'm protecting myself."

"From having a drink?" Colin teased, rising and walking to where Joshua stood with the case file clutched tight in his hand. Colin glanced down the hallway and seeing no one there, he lifted his hand and twisted one of Joshua's thick, dark curls around his index finger in a slow, sensuous movement that sent chills over Joshua's entire body.

Sensing that Joshua was weakening, Colin pressed his advantage. The bewildering adrenaline rush he'd experienced a few moments ago had quickened his heart rate and left him shaken. He longed to lose himself in Joshua's calm, solid presence. "Just one drink?" Colin coaxed, his voice low. "I promise I won't try to jump you."

He smiled engagingly and Joshua felt his heart lurch in his chest. Goddamn it!he thought. He quickly moved out from under Colin's hand. "I can't do it, Colin," he said through clenched teeth. "I need to go."

Disappointed, Colin's face fell, then, suddenly decisive, his hand flew to Joshua's wrist and gripped tightly. "What do you want from me, Josh?"

Joshua forced himself to meet Colin's eyes. "I want what you can't give." He lowered his eyes, the heartbreak in his voice palpable even to his own ears.

"You know I have feelings for you," Colin said hoarsely, using his hold on Joshua's wrist to draw him closer.

"For me and every other guy you take to bed," Joshua replied.

"This is about possession?"

Joshua smiled and shook his head. He lifted his hand and cradled Colin's cheek once again gazing steadily into his honey-green eyes. "God, Colin, it's not about that," he whispered. "It's you, Colin. It's you. If it was some other guy, maybe it wouldn't matter. I'm no innocent and I'm no prude. I've had casual sex before and liked it just fine. But I can't do it with you, Colin. Nothing I feel for you is casual. Nothing. I told you once that I had a weakness for larger-than-life men, and you are the poster boy for larger-than-life men, at least you are to me. You're the magic man. You're Colin Campbell. I can't do it with you, Colin. I just can't." He lowered his hand from Colin's cheek and turned away. He tried to free his wrist from Colin's grasp, but the big policeman held on tightly.

Joshua turned to face him. "You have to let me go."

"Josh, I—I wish…" Colin began. He exhaled sharply through his teeth then stopped. He stared into Joshua's eyes for a long moment then slowly released him.

"Me too," Joshua said in a choked whisper. He turned away and fled the building, nearly running. He heard Colin say his name but ignored him in his rush to get away. In another few seconds he would have surrendered to Colin's pleas and gone with him. Gone with him anywhere he wanted Joshua to go. The heat of Colin's fingers burned his wrist like a brand. He could feel his body's intense response to even this casual contact. Colin Campbell was a drug, and Joshua was completely addicted.


About the Author

My name is Jan Jarrell. I am a 76-year-old retired grandmother who lives in Seattle, WA. I have been a writer of slash fan fiction for almost twenty years under the name Rakshi. I have written both RPS fiction and FPS and my list of works stands at three hundred and thirty-seven, including stories as short as drabbles (stories of 100 words) and a series which was 119,012 words long. You can find my works on Archive of our Own and on LiveJournal under the username Rakshi.

I began writing original character fiction about a year ago and I love it more than words can say. This creative outlet has made my retirement years the best ones of my life. I tend to fall in love with my characters and always want to give them the happy ever after that I just know they deserve.


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Now Available in KU ~ Drifting Sands by CJ Baty

Cover Reveal ~ Shadow by Drew Sera

Title: Shadow 
Author: Drew Sera 
Series: Lust And Lies Book 1
Genre: Mafia/Romance/Suspense 
Cover Designer: Book Cover Luv 
Release Date Aug 27th 

Release Blitz ~ #REVIEW ~ Breaking Free by Rebecca Barber

Release Blitz ~ Cold, Hard, & Heartless by MV Ellis

Release Blitz ~ Filthy Fight by Alta Hensley

Release Blitz ~ Beautiful Devil by Sharlyn G Branson

Release Blitz ~ Irish by Giulia Lagomarsino

Title: Irish
Series: Reed Security Series
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Contemporary/Security Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2018

Release Boost ~ Lachlan's Protege by VF Mason

Lachlan's ProtΓ©gΓ© by V.F. Mason is AVAILABLE NOW! 
She never knew nightmares. Until she became mine.

Release Blitz ~ In The Shadows by TL Travis

Live ~ Calix by Esther E Schmidt

Title: “Calix”
Series: Areion Fury MC #6
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover model: Mike Minervini
Release Day: August 14, 2018

Blog Tour ~ Dirty, Reckless Love by Lexi Ryan

Dirty, Reckless Love by Lexi Ryan  
Release Date: August 14, 2018 
 Genre: Contemporary Romance

Friday, August 17, 2018

Diane's Review ~ Goal Line by RJ Scott & VL Locey

Goal Line (Harrisburg Railers #6)Goal Line by R.J. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hockey and all the feels… perfection!

The Harrisburg Railers has become one of my all-time favourite sports romance series. Like Gatlin and Bryan’s story, it slowly builds until all the characters feel like well-known friends that you care and worry about. This is a romance but the hockey is also, wonderfully, in the forefront of each read. Hot m/m romance, emotional connections high drama, and hockey? Yes, this series feels like it was written just for me!

This is the sixth instalment and Gatlin and Bryan’s courtship is chock-a-block full of all those good things. Bryan is young, uncertain, and lacking in self-confidence. He’s talented but his inner voice keeps him worried. He’s been through the wringer in more ways than one and finds it hard to believe he can be what he wishes and yearns for – an NHL-level, great goalie. He has an opportunity for a fresh start and even if there are hiccups along the way, Gatlin is right beside him, offering him the love and support he craves….

And Gatlin? Older, mature, beautifully tattooed, he is an unexpected joy in Bryan’s new world. Under a shadow himself, Gatlin’s struggles become Bryan’s and their emotional connection, as well as their hot, hot, physical one, had my heart fully engaged. There is heart-felt drama on and off the ice that was always just the right amount. Music and love thread through this emotional read and each moment was a literary symphony... On ice…

I’m super happy there will be more as Ryker’s story is next and we stay in touch with Ten and the whole Railer family. Find any reason you can to get started on this series and be prepared to happily stay…

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Review Tour ~ Goal Line by RJ Scott & VL Locey

Release Boost ~ A Kiss to Tell by Willow Winters

Title: A Kiss to Tell
Author: Willow Winters
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 14, 2018

Cover Reveal ~ Shiver of Deception by Rumer Raines


 ✭ ✭ ✭ Shiver of Deception Cover Reveal ✭ ✭ ✭
#CoverReveal #ShiverofDeception #SouloftheSunner by #RumerRaines
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Release Blitz ~ Daisies & Devin by Kelsey Kingsley

Title: Daisies & Devin
Author: Kelsey Kingsley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 17, 2018

Coming Soon ~ Rise From the Embers by Stacey Marie Brown

  🌸 #PoolSideReads πŸŒΈ  

Rise from the Embers - Lightness Saga Series #4
 by Stacey Marie Brown
This is the final book of the series!! 
Release 8/31

🌞 Pre-Order Today πŸŒž

Cover Reveal ~ Rough Rider by Madison Faye

Blog Tour ~ The Hand That Holds Me by HJ Marshall


Blog Tour

The Hand That Holds Me
by H.J. Marshall

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Forever Mine; Book 1

Cover Reveal ~ Santa Lena Sizzles Duet by Jessa York

Blog Tour ~ Ghost of a Chance by McKenna Dean

Ghost of a Chance 
Redclaw Security Book 2
by McKenna Dean
Madison has put together some really awesome Prizes giveaway during the tour. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember you may enter every day for your chance to win one of the prize packages. You may find the tour locations here