Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Diane's Review of Saving Forever - Part 1 by Lexy Timms

Saving Forever - Part 1 (Saving Forever, #1)Saving Forever - Part 1 by Lexy Timms
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Short but sweet!

After losing her mother suddenly to cancer, Charity Thompson quit medical school to concentrate on fundraising for hospitals like the one that tried to help her mom. This did not help her already rocky relationship with her father, a successful and well-respected doctor himself. Even knowing this would drive another wedge between them, Charity had to follow her heart. Despite their differences, she could not say no when her Dad asked for her help in planning a hospital gala fundraiser in honor of his sixty-fifth birthday. Juggling a new assignment in a different city, Charity had a juggling act to perform and was unprepared when the Chief Surgeon at her father’s hospital suddenly became more than another set of helping hands. And what would her father say?

This is the first in a four-part serial romance that is short but satisfyingly sweet. The loss of her mother, the strained relationship with her father and the budding romance between her and the resident Chief was told in a comfortable, conversational writing style. I couldn’t help but feel for Charity as she struggled with the career choice she made while still seeking her Dad’s approval. Despite her success in her new career choice, she still felt the sting of his disapproval. Being attracted to her Dad’s colleague brought another dimension to an already complicated situation. Could she risk a relationship with another doctor – one whose schedule was as busy – if not busier – than her own father’s? Hearing about his many romantic exploits at the hospital didn’t help either. An interesting end to part one has a medical emergency butting into their romantic evening. Am looking forward to the next in the series!



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