Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lindsey's Review for Devil Trap by Honoria Ravena

The Devil's Trap (In Darkness We Dwell Book #2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

I did a lot of thinking after reading this book. I really wanted love this book because it holds so much potential to me. Nyx to me made the perfect hero and Pagan a good heroin but what has me on the borderline is the story itself. It literally was everywhere I just couldn't keep up with it. Don't get me wrong there are so many good points about this book and hot steamy screens that it helps get through the book. This book has so many ups and down but the characters is what makes this book good. The plot was there, the characters were there but like I said it was everywhere.
The basic of the story is the heroin is a vampire hunter who has been hired to kill nyx who is ancient and powerful . They meet fight and nyx blood bonds with pagan and from there the story goes full frontal . There is so much going on that it was easy to get lost the only thing about this book is that it has so much potential to be a great book I was a little disappointed in it. Nyx makes a great vampire he is strong aggressive, hot and a pain in Pagans side .Pagan is strong, and stubborn. As the story progress we find out more about her and her brother Jason who is also a hunter past. What makes this a different type of vampire story is after Jason and Pagans parents death they are raised by the vampires who saved them from being killed along with their parents . Then there is a war going on in the Vampire society which leads to even more drama.

Like I said this book has the potential to be a great book and I’ll be reading the next book to see what happens because this is a story that invites yet falls short of being great.



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