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Blog Tour ~ #Excerpt ~ Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix

BLOOD SCRIPT by Airicka Phoenix is now LIVE! 
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“Ever f*cked a pirate?”

He was insufferable, deeply scarred, and frustratingly gorgeous, and he was the man who was blackmailing her into tying the knot.

Cora Harris has never had luck with men. Being the daughter of a ruthless crime boss tended to put a dent in any relationship, but she never imagined she’d get kidnapped in the dead of night by pirates. She sure as hell never imagined the asshole with the smoldering gaze would threaten everyone she loved if she didn’t become his wife.

Only Captain James Crow wants more than just her hand in holy matrimony. He wants her absolute submission. He wants her pain. He wants the one thing she’s never given anyone — her heart. But is he willing to give the daughter of his sworn enemy his in return?

“How easily his eyes could make her forget that he was her captor. Not her savior.”

But when the truth is revealed, can James keep Cora from the true evil in their midst? Can he win before his revenge cost him more than just his life? And how far will Cora go to free herself of the man who enchanted her, seduced her, and when she submitted, imprisoned her?

Vengeance and betrayal will either bring two warring families together or obliterate them all.

This book is adult and intended for a mature audience with strong elements of language, sex, and a dirty mouthed pirate. It has cases of BDSM, kink, and violence.



Stop struggling.
Shadows swayed across the light poking in through the loose threads in the burlap. She could make out nothing, except thatdespite the jungle of smells, most of which were rancidhe smelled amazing.
What is it you want, Mr. ?
His footsteps circled around her chair, never wavering. Captain. There are no misters here.
Cora hummed contemplatively. How very 14th century of you, Captain Jack Sparrow.
There was a long, thin moment of silence where she felt a sliver of fear creep through her wondering if shed gone too far. She seemed to keep forgetting these werent good men and she wasnt in a safe place, and antagonizing a possible psychopath was probably not the best way to stay alive.
Its Crow, actually.It must have been the process of hearing everything through an itchy sack, but she could have sworn there was actual amusement in his voice. Captain James Crow.
Well, Captain James Crow, you clearly have no idea who I am or you wouldnt be—”
Boards creaked, fabric rustled. The shadow drifted closer, expanding across all flickers of light and drenching her in absolute darkness and him.
Oh, I know everything I need to know about you, Ms. Harris. Do you think your presence on my ship is an accident?
Cora ceased her tugging. The ends of her fingers prickled with the loss of blood flow, but it was the least of her concerns.
Have I caught your attention?
The hood was ripped from her head. Static electricity lifted her hair with it and the ebony strands clung helplessly to her face and across her eyes, momentarily blinding her. Tender fingers brushed back the obstruction, clearing her vision to focus on her captor for the first time.
The warning flashed through her senses even as all rational thought slowed to a crawl and word process failed her. There was no other word for him, except dangerous. A modern-day pirate in cargo pants and a loose-fitting top. Maybe it was the hair, the reckless, uncut manner of it and the way it hung around his face in dark, rebellious waves. It was long enough to slip like silk through a womans anxious fingers while she gripped him to her in the throes of passion; shed always been a sucker for men with grabbable locks.
But that wasnt the cause of the little alarms buzzing at the back of her skull. It wasnt even the raw, almost animalistic glint in his silver eyes or the way they seemed to burn into her with a possession that bordered on ravenous. It wasnt even the fact that he hovered inches shy of a solid seven feet of pure, unadulterated muscle. It was his aura. It was the air around him, the dark waves of power that seemed to emanate with radioactive intensity. Shed known powerful men all her life, but none had ever elicited fear and lust simultaneously with just a glance.
He stood before her with only a patch of faded carpet between them. The very air itself seemed to move with him, swirling and shifting until there was nothing left for her to draw in. Its absence sent her heart into a frenzy, or maybe it was the inexplicable nearness of him, the heat that seemed to be coming off him in thick tendrils.
Christ. What was he? It sure as hell wasnt human. Shed never met anyone who could wield so much power without uttering a word.
Cora found her voice, a weak, croaky thing she had to force out. What do you want?
His answer was to drag over a chair from the round table pushed up against one wall. It was placed directly in front of her and his enormous frame was folded into it. He clasped big hands together and hung them casually between his knees while he leaned forward with his elbows resting on his lean thighs.
That depends.Silver eyes bore mercilessly into hers. What are you willing to offer?



Airicka Phoenix is a romance junkie with an incurable addiction to chocolate. She is also a prolific author of several novels written for young adult and new adult romance addicts who love bad boys, hot kisses and a gritty plot. Airicka prides herself in producing quality material her readers can fall in love with again and again.

When she's not hard at work bleeding words onto paper, Airicka can be found cuddling with her family, reading, watching TV shows, or just finding excuses not to do chores.

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