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Book Tour ~ How to Date When You’re Dead by Lisa London

To make a promotion in the ever after, 
she’s going to have to manage not only her own dating dilemmas 
but those of her clutzy, dating-disaster assistant.

A Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Lisa London
Released March 16, 2017

After an epic nosedive down the elevator of success, Ivy now finds herself in Purgatory having to start all over again from scratch but this time the stakes for getting promoted to the pearly gates are even higher. And to make a promotion in the ever after, she’s going to have to manage not only her own dating dilemmas but those of her clutzy, dating-disaster assistant.

Luckily she has two of the hottest men in the afterlife as her advisors. One who wants to help her get demoted to his bachelor pad down under and another who wants her to get her wings and live with him on a cloud. Did I mention they’re both super sexy with a wicked rivalry going on between them? Both determined to outdo the other to win her heart.

And that’s in between spending quality girl-time with her new besties, Satan and her soap opera addicted Purgatory Counselor.

This is a great read for anyone who loved ABC Family’s Teen Spirit with Cassie Scerbo. This is the adult version where the ghost [Ivy] and her hopeless dating assignment [Lucy] both get to date cute boys!


Back in Purgatory, I wandered through Chrissy's half furnished lobby and knocked on her door. No answer. I tried again, this time calling out her name before putting my ear to the door. Hearing nothing, I opened the door to see if she was listening to music. The room was empty.
Walking back to the lobby, I plopped into the only remaining piece of furniture Tess hadn't incinerated, the pink velvet loveseat. It looked like she hadn't replaced anything yet. Pink must be a custom color.
When the elevator dinged, the doors opened to Cue. He walked towards me, wearing what looked like a custom tailored Armani tuxedo, hot pink cummerbund and matching boutonniere.
"Going to the Guardian Angel prom or something?," I asked, taking in his new polished look. His usually disheveled hair was slicked back, and all signs of five o'clock shadow were gone. Without a ring on his finger, I assumed Cue hadn't gotten married since our last encounter. Could angels marry? Or were they like priests in the Catholic Church, forever condemned to a boring and lame life? I didn’t know if I would ever date Cue, but the thought of one less eligible male in the universe made me a little sad. It didn't help that Cue seemed to always look even sexier than the last time I saw him.
He looked down at his outfit, as if he forgot he was wearing it. "No, I was helping another zero avoid a similar demise," he said, nodding towards me. "She was at her high school prom so I wanted to blend in."
"Nothing says blending in like hot pink," I teased, pointing to the cummerbund.
Taking it off, he said, "Chrissy picked it out for me. I was just coming by to let her know it was a success." Sitting down next to me, he put one of the sleeves in his mouth while he tried to unclasp the cufflink with his other hand.
"Couldn't you simply blink it away instead of going to so much trouble?" Maybe Cue's angelic powers needed recharging.
He dropped his sleeve and grinned at me. "Sometimes it feels nice to pretend I'm human again and do little things. Here, do you mind?" he asked, placing his right arm in front of me.
I reached down and pushed the cuff to one side as I undid the clasp. With the sleeve cuffs in one hand and the clasp in the other, the untethered cufflink fell on the floor. Our heads collided when we both reached down to grab it.
"Ouch," I said, rubbing my head. "I thought angels couldn't feel pain."
"Not from another angel, but when demons and angels come into contact, it can hurt," he explained.
That explained why he doubled over in pain when Tess kicked him the other day.
"Sorry, are you okay?" he asked, rubbing his own head in the same place.
I was always told I had a hard head. Maybe that applied to my afterlife skeleton, too. I shook my head no. "I think I'm seeing stars. I can only imagine how it must have felt when Tess kicked you the other day. Did I hurt your head really bad?"
"I'll be fine. Tess's standard greeting has toughened me up." He smiled and stood up straighter to convince me he was fine.
"Does she greet all angels that way?" I wondered if those were the types of greetings I had to look forward to after this week was up.
"No, just the ones that she fails to recruit."
Fails to recruit? This probably wasn’t the first time Tess put someone through the wringer who was part angel and part demon. That's interesting. Cue chose not to be a demon for Tess, when he had the option of becoming that or an angel. I was surprised he stayed here. She didn't seem like someone who handled rejection very well. "She can do that?"
"There's not much Tess can't do."
The sting of a headache came rushing back. What happened to no longer feeling any pain without a corporeal form? "You wouldn't happen to have any angel aspirin lying around?" I asked, waiting for Cue to conjure a magical bottle of angel pain pills.
"Does it still hurt? Here, let me take a look." With visible concern, Cue furrowed his brow and pulled my head closer for inspection, throwing me off balance.
Bracing my hands on his legs to steady myself, I could feel myself starting to blush at being so close. If he cared, he didn't say anything or try to move them. "What's the verdict? Will I live?" I asked, hoping to lighten the mood.
"You know what always helps?"
I shook my head no.
"A kiss from an angel." He leaned in and put his lips to my forehead.
The kiss was soft and sweet. His lips lingered while I stopped breathing. Maybe I could stay here forever. My eyes met Cue's and I leaned in closer for the kiss that I missed out on before.

Hello, I’m Lisa London, creator of secret fantasies you love to escape with, bringing you an overload of bad-boy angst and heart-wrenching moments of truth on every page.

I’m so glad you’re here – because we’re a lot alike, you and I. We both love to escape to a world where true love is found in life-defining moments that build character, turn boys into men and make you question everything you’ve ever held sacred. Good boys are boring and oh so blah. But bad boys. You know…the ones to whom rules don’t apply to. The ones that do what they want, take what they want and use who they want and don’t give a damn. Yah, those guys. They’re also the ones that make you hot with desire, dripping with anticipation and wishing your phone would ring at 2 am afterwards.

I write in a variety of romance genres: 1) Hot + Steamy: These are fast + dirty short stories that are high on the heat scale 2) Amateur Sleuth: Think Stephanie Plum meets White Collar 3) Paranormal: Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you stop dating and 4) Author Platform Building: The Romance Roadmap Quickies are How-To guides on everything indie authors need for online marketing.

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