Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cassie's Review ~ The Perfect Illusion by Winter Renshaw

The Perfect IllusionThe Perfect Illusion by Winter Renshaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think I just found my new favorite author and if I could rate this book more than five stars I would! If you love the enemies to lover’s genre this is the book for you. You will not regret reading this book, but do not expect to have a life while reading it. I could not put this book down!
The Perfect Illusion is Mari and Hudson’s book. I loved everything about Mari and I mean everything. She was funny, independent and sassy. She did not take Hudson’s crap and he dealt out a lot of crap. She gave as good as she got and let him know she was no pushover. And Hudson did push a lot. I had a love/hate relationship with Hudson. He is no doubt an egotistical jerk who only really cares about himself and his interest. But sometimes you can see a glimpse of something more and Mari is probably the one person who can pull it out of him.
There was definitely chemistry from the beginning, but it was more of hate at first site and not love. Mari thought more about ways to harm Hudson than anything else. But Mari finds herself in a predicament and Hudson has an offer that she cannot refuse. They agree to a ruse of an engagement and that is when the fun starts. As they get to know each other a friendship starts to bloom and then their feelings start to change. The problem is they both have secrets and people who are conspiring to break them up. Are they strong enough to withstand all the outside pressures and have a real relationship?
I loved the flow of this book and as I said earlier once you start this book you will not be able to put it down. Winter Renshaw did a fabulous job of writing the perfect non-love to love story and I highly recommend that everyone reads this book! She will definitely be an automatic one-click author for me!

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