Thursday, April 27, 2017

Diane's Review ~ More Than a Feeling by Erika Kelly

More Than a Feeling (Rock Star Romance #4)More Than a Feeling by Erika Kelly
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Emotional, sexy, sweet…
This series has been on my TBR list for a while so when I had the opportunity to read this, the last instalment, I couldn’t resist snapping it up. I worried that I would be lost, coming in at the end and all, but it totally worked as a stand-alone. Well, except for now I must immediately go find the first three stories!
Families, childhoods, can be very complicated and it’s hard to go through life unscathed or not have it color the rest of your life somehow. That is front and center as Daisy and Cooper both have emotional baggage they carry and still deal with. That doesn’t mean they are wallowing though, far from it. Both are successful in their chosen paths and have friends and family that love and support them. Of course, that is never the entire picture, is it?
As friends, and lovers, they suddenly, unexpectedly, find themselves facing their ghosts, those holdovers from the past, together. There are family issues, rocker troubles and professional snafus. And that age-old question, should I stay or should I go?
“Sometimes she had a hard time reconciling the bad boy rocker with this incredibly sweet and thoughtful man.”
I loved the friends to lovers, second chance relationship that grew between Daisy and Cooper. Both of them were instantly relatable and likable with the drama (of which there was plenty) was never over the top or fabricated. I loved feeling what both of them were going through, with both not afraid to (sometimes eventually) come clean with their thoughts, their fears. And Daisy’s no nonsense approach to getting the job done? Whatever that job could be? Yeah, she could grow wheat in the arctic by sheer force will, not stopping until the job was done. You go girl!
There is a lot going on in this emotional pot-boiler that is told with a ‘small-town’ feel. It’s a quiet stroll through a Sunday afternoon. It’s a slice of rocker life. And above all it is a love story between two friends… It could have easily gone over the top in the sweetness-o-meter but it never did, instead finding the right balance of love, angst and family… I’m looking forward to catching up on all the Blue Fire rockers!

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