Thursday, April 27, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Oh, My Dragon by Lani Lynn Vale

Oh, My Dragon (I Like Big Dragons #3)Oh, My Dragon by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dragon riders are the bomb!
I couldn’t wait to dive into this third installment of the ‘I Like Dragons’ series and what a ride it was! Well-written (as usual), super-hot (also par for the course with this author) but with surprises and twists that made this ‘not just an average’ paranormal, dragon rider, mating, conspiracy, betrayal, ultra-sexy story.
Wink and Ian are the centre of this rocky romance and this statement speaks volumes about their attitudes on life. And maybe love.
“Dear life, whatever motherfucker. Whatever.”
Being alone, aloof from others – and love – may be in part to growing up with little family. A background they both shared. They were both going to rail against any kind of relationship but their history, was more complicated than even they both knew… And as they are doing all that railing they were both going to be sarcastic. Snarky. Snarkily-funny. Funnily-snarky. Grouchily-snarkily-funny. These two were edgy personified but with a sweetness they couldn’t completely hide. Though they tried!
“It’s a beautiful day to leave me alone.”
This fast-paced ride was a love-fest and a hate-fest. It was a take on friendships, on family, that showed how deep and strong love and loyalty runs. And how fragile it all can be. I admit I enjoyed the first three quarters of the story more than the last stretch that veered into the complicated family and story woven into the series. Saying that though, I didn’t miss a page as there were lots of connections and answers that, if you blinked, you might miss….
This author knows how to write funny, emotional and fantastic dragon yarn – let there be many more!
Made me laugh out loud:
“What the fuck is an F-bomb?”

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