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Jess's Review ~ Paper Fools by Staci Hart

Paper Fools (Hearts and Arrows #1)Paper Fools by Staci Hart
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This book is like getting two stories in one. One a creative take on the Greek gods and goddesses and another a romantic contemporary with two damaged souls.

The mythology portion of the book was intricate and interesting. Gods and Goddess playing games and telling a tale of thousands of years in their realm. There was a lot of players involved and a lot of bad blood, rivalries and broken hearts. There were some points where I thought this part was a bit much because there were so many involved. Being slightly familiar with Greek mythology was helpful but I did spend a lot of time putting together what I remember to what the story told. That being said, their story was interesting and these games they play are quite amusing.

The contemporary side of the story was more of what I have come to be used to from this author. Paper Fools is a band and their guitarist/song writer/playboy, Dean is quite the character. He is damaged and lacks emotion. He has gone through life unattached and detached. His actions though have caused more then their fair share of problems for the band.

Lex is in love with idea of love but her experiences have always fallen short. She fears opening up and attachment because she craves something she has yet to find. She is complacent in her life but getting ready to move on, she just doesn't know what she is moving on to. And then she meets Dean and feelings get a little murky.

While enjoyed both sides of the story I did find myself wanting to get back to Lex and Dean more so then I wanted to read about the pasts of the gods and goddesses. It was unique how the stories were woven together and the stories played off each other well. There were times that the Greek side felt a bit overwhelming and there seemed like there could be more to tell with them. All of the side characters played a part and while the focus was on four characters there was a full world build around them. I am for sure interested in seeing what the gods have up their sleeves for the next game.

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