Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jess's Review ~ Wicked Hot: A MacKenzie Family Novella by Gennita Low

Wicked Hot: A MacKenzie Family NovellaWicked Hot: A MacKenzie Family Novella by Gennita Low
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Holy-moly that was an adrenaline rush from intro to end there is not a lot more than the execution of a mission. This is another example of two established worlds getting meshed together. Kirk is a NSA fixer, and he is headed on mission to help the MacKenzie's but no good mission is without it's issues. In need of a translator, GEM agent Suria is asked to help. It just so happens that there is some history between these two.

Being that we are in the midst of established characters and stories I did find it hard at times to keep up with all of the characters and the stories that go along with them. There was very little backstory on any of the characters and we are given very little time to get to know them because there is action on top of action. I did miss the lack of a romantic element, while there is definite history there was too little time for Kirk and Suria to have any sort of fleshed out involvement.

There an interest there for me to check out where these other characters came from or where they might go, because the story and action were well written.

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