Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ Forbidden Kisses by Annie Rains

Forbidden Kisses (Blushing Bay, #1)Forbidden Kisses by Annie Rains
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As charming as the city of Blushing Bay is, is how swoon worthy Jack Sawyer is. And it's ALOT!!

When Pete Sawyer married Tammy Donner, he thought he was adding a mother figure back to his 3 young sons, Sam, Jack, and Noah, lives. But not only were they getting a stepmother, but a sister too. The Sawyers loved Tammy and her daughter Grace so much. But when Tammy did some really horrible things, their happy family took a turn for the worse.

Many years later, Jack finds himself face to face with his once stepsister, again. Seeing her made his heart speed up. Just like it did growing up. He's always had feelings for Grace, but he could never act on those feelings, because she was his 'sister'. The whole Sawyer family was distraught when Tammy did what she did, but even more so, for losing Grace. They knew it was never her fault, but Tammy is her mother. So they all stayed away. Until fate stepped in all put them on each others path again. They have an open position at the family company that they needed filled asap, and she needs a job. She's the perfect person for the position, so he hires her. With Jack having had lost so much, the last thing he wants to do is lose Grace again. Especially now that she's back in his life.

Grace is desperately looking for a job. But the last place she thought she would find work, would be at her ex-families business. She has tried to stay away from the Sawyers, but she needs Jack and what he's offering. Even though she has missed him and his brothers, she has to stay focused. She can't let her heart, even though it's telling her she needs Jack in more ways than she thinks, distract her. She can't let the little boy, now sexy man, she has loved most of her life make her life hard. Her mother is sick, and she needs the money the job offers, nothing more. But fate has different ideas. Being in the Sawyer family was the highlight of her childhood, and quickly becomes the highlight of her adult life. She didn't realize how much she has missed with staying away. She didn't realize how much she lost, while everyone held grudges and hate.

Step-sibling books have become a favorite of mine, and I love how this one was written. The dynamics of this family is amazing. I loved the Sawyer family, and I can't wait to see if there are more of their stories to come. I would love to read more.

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