Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ Waiting to Breathe by Alyson Reynolds

Waiting to Breathe (Waiting Duet, #1)Waiting to Breathe by Alyson Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a first for me, from this author, and I liked what I got. I'm not normally into college romances, I don't know why but I'm not, but this one was good. Full of pain, sweetness, guilt, love, hurt. Everything wrapped up in one cute little package.

Olivia has had a run of the mill life at such a young age. Thinking she had her life planned out, it was all ripped away in a single moment. That monet caused a ripple affect and managed to cause an unpredictable amount of damage to her young soul. Needing to find time and space to heal, she takes off. Leaving the one person who means more to her than words can explain, her twin brother Finn, was one of the hardest thing she had to do. But there are things far greater that she had to make decisions on. With her parents act in ways she couldn't have imagined she doesn't know what to think of life anymore. Until finally she decides she needs to get back to school. So enrolling at the same school her brother and best friend, Cora, go too, is the best option. She is confident HE won't find her there. Love is something she never wants to experience again, because to love, you have to trust, and trusting someone with her heart, is something she will never do again. Until Nate 'saves her life'. He does things to her and makes her feel things she thought were locked up tight. She feels like she can attempt to live and be happy again. Until she can't.

Nate had to grow up way to fast. When his father passed away, and him being the eldest son, he took over being the head of the family. A college degree is something that he needed and worked hard everyday for. But with his family falling apart, his grades started to slip. He was thinking about throwing it all in and giving up, until he met Olivia. Saving her that day was the best thing he could have ever done. He finds himself falling for her, and fast. So fast and so hard, that it's hard to see how far you have come, in such and short time when it's suddenly ripped away from you. He's lost enough in his life, and he can't handle anymore. Now it's his turn to fall apart. The only problem, he doesn't have anyone to put him back together. Until he does.

Olivia's journey through her young adult life were rough. She had to make decisions, that as an adult myself, I don't know if I could of. She is such a strong character, even through all her brokenness. I loved her. I loved seeing her grow and become a woman.

I absolutely fell in love with Nate. He was so perfect and exactly what Olivia needed. They fit each other like a complicated puzzle. A pain in the arse to put together, but oh so worth it.

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