Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne

Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly)Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my goofiness!! Ahhh...I loved this one so much. It was so cute, and funny, and serious and intense, all at the same time.

This couple definitely made my day. It's been a long time since I have been able to sit down and read a book in a day. This one caught me that hard, and wouldn't let me go.

What happens when a rich party girl with no job and a stuck up, no nonsense high profile lawyer go at it? You get this book.

Georgie is a New York socialite with no job, and nothing better to do than party. Because of an inheritance left to her by her grandmother, she was able to buy an apartment in a rather fancy building. Little did she know, on move in day, she would be getting on someone's bad side. Her and Andrew clash almost instantly. She loves to annoy the heck out of him, and does it ever chance she can. She was living a dream life, only working for charities she cared about. Coming and going as she pleased. Partying whenever she wanted. It was everything she wanted. Until she realized it wasn't anymore. Every girl wants her happily ever after. But no one ever said prince charming would be such a piece of work.

Andrew has worked hard to get where he is in his career. Making partner at one of the top law firms at his age, is unheard of. But brains and smarts come easy to him. So does his routine. His structure. Until Georgie! Not only does she make move in day rough, she makes every day complicated. She's messy, and parties too much. He's never seen someone more 'ridiculous'. He knows she annoys him on purpose, and it drives him crazy. Crazy is the last thing he needs in his perfectly boring life. But soon he realizes, maybe a little mess is worth it. Georgie turns Andrew's life upside down, backwards, and rightside up again. In all her craziness, she is one of the most sweetest and caring women he has ever met. He just doesn't know if he can handle it.

I was constantly giggling through this one. I have never seen bickering before, like I have with these two. One is so serious and the other is just along for the ride. It was rather interesting.

I loved Georgie. I loved her craziness. I loved her randomness. I loved her spunk. Just everything about her is rather awesome.

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Lord, I did not know what to do with Andrew. Lol. He had me wanting to strangle him, then kiss him. I'm so glad that he was able to loosen up a little and see the other side of the world. The more colorful side. The 'perfectly ridiculous' side.

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