Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nikki's Review ~ Royally Relinquished by Hayley Faiman

Royally Relinquished: A Modern Day Fairy TaleRoyally Relinquished: A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Hayley Faiman
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Hayley Faiman is one of my top ten authors. I can't get enough of her mafia or MC series. But I had reservations when I started reading Royally Relinquished. After I started devouring this book which hooked me from the very beginning I knew I was getting another brilliant read from this amazing author.

From the very first meeting between Henrick and Caitriona you felt the attraction, heat and passion. But I started having reservations regarding Henrick. Deep down was he the man for her? His behavior at times was selfish, self centered and indecisive. He seemed to care more of what others thought than the woman that was stealing his heart. But just when you are ready to write Henrick off, he opens up a side that shows a depth to his character.

Caitriona was such a sweet, kind, gentle woman but she had to have a spine of steel to take on Henrick. It was empowering to see how much she grew as a strong confident woman throughout the story. Even as she dealt with the obstacles of their relationship, she kept her poise and grace.

Sometimes fairytales have more thorns than roses, but when you get to the heart of the story it can be an emotional beautiful tale. That is what reading this book was for me. I hope Hayley Faiman has more fairytales to write in the future!

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