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Release Day ~ #Review ~ Riot Street by Tyler King

RIOT STREET by Tyler Kind (April 30, 2017; Forever Yours eBook; $3.99)

Sometimes, getting in too deep is the only way to survive…

As darkly charismatic as he is unpredictable, Ethan Ash knows me better than I know myself.  He’s spent years unraveling the family scandal I’ve tried desperately to escape.  I once thought that made us adversaries.  Now he’s the closest ally I have left.  

Ethan’s both the chaos around me and the deep, calm center where I feel safe.  People warn me about him, tell me he’s dangerous.  Don’t fall for him.  But its too late.  Because I can’t tell where my addiction ends…and his obsession begins.

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“You awake?” Ethan shifts next to me in bed beneath the blankets. “Something wrong?”
“I’m fine. Go back to sleep.”
He rolls to his side, wrapping his arm around my waist. “Talk to me.”
“Really, it’s nothing. I’m just restless.”
“You’re safe with me.” His fingers slide under the hem of my tank top to lightly brush bare skin. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
“No, I know. It isn’t that, I’m just…”
I don’t have the words to articulate it. Even if I could, I’m not sure it’d make sense.
“What can I do?” he asks, trying to understand.
Ethan needs a problem he can fix. Something with bolts and buttons. Something he can take apart, reassemble, or knock with a hammer. People aren’t as easy.
Instead, I kiss him. My lips against his, it isn’t a solution, but it makes me feel better. Wrapped in blankets, secluded in darkness, he overwhelms my senses. The taste of mint on his tongue, the clean, rich scent of his skin—they drive all other thoughts from my mind. I feel only his mouth, his tongue teasing mine, and his heart beating under my palm.
“Avery,” he hums against my lips. “Wait a minute.”
My fingers comb into his hair, tugging. I don’t want him to speak. To let words break the illusion. I just want him, everywhere, all at once and nothing else.
“Listen to me.” He breaks away. “I want you to hear this.”
Hand caressing the side of my face, he runs his thumb under my bottom lip until I settle.
“I mean it. Whenever you’re scared or hurting, I want you to feel safe with me. I want to be the person you talk to, not the one you hide from. Anything at all, or nothing, whatever it is that gets inside your head and makes you want to run, give it to me. I’ll take it away. I’ll bury it in the ground, and never let it hurt you again. I promise, Avery, with all my heart. You never have to be afraid of anything when you’re with me.”
The darkness turns liquid and my chest clenches.
“Why do you say things like that?” I barely whisper.
“Because they’re true. And because I love you.”


Clever, funny, deep....
From the opening pages I was invested in Avery’s incredibly complicated life. When Ethan joined it to make the complex even more of a puzzle, I was all in! A man from privilege and a woman from anything but meet over a shared vocation and a love of words and truth. This is not a simple story of boy meets girl – no, this story is all about layers. Layers that include clever writing, biting humour and a humanness that had me invested in their story from the start.
“She’s complex and at times contradictory – a woman at odds with herself. That much, at least, I can relate to.”
I started reading in the late evening and was looking for something quick and lighthearted to lull me into sleep. That was SO not this book! I wanted to put the book down, honestly. I didn’t want to start caring about these characters who had a lot to say and a lot going on. After I started reading though, I couldn’t stop. Avery and Ethan, their friends and co-workers, their families – they were spellbinding! The relationships between them all – the good, the bad and the very ugly – should have been over the top drama but instead they were so real. Their struggles to do the right thing, to make the right decisions, to stay upright and sane in a world that tested you every minute.
“Then quit your bitching, love, and get to work.”
Great. Good talk.

Through it all, these two were drawn together – as professionals, as friends and, soon, lovers…
The writing is beautiful and playful. It made me think and smile at the same time. The author was able to breathe life into characters that immediately felt like old friends, that I’d known (and loved) them for a very long time… Their journey was a ride I didn’t even know I wanted to take until it was over and I wanted to start all over again. I will be rereading this story. To savour once more the twists and turns, the clever writing, the fun and heat between such flawed characters that made them so… perfect.

“The biggest changes were in the smallest details.”

About the Author
Tyler King was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Creative Writing. As a journalist, her work has appeared in Orlando magazine and Orlando Business Journal, among other publications. She is a proud army spouse currently living in Virginia with her husband.

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