Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ Morrow's Horizon by Sierra Kummings

Morrow's HorizonMorrow's Horizon by Sierra Kummings
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Morrow's Horizon is an excellent start to a series. This is Sara and Jacob's story. Jacob is the CFO for his family's bank, who happens to employ Sara. She has had fantasies for years about her sexy Latin boss. She can't, and won't, fall for the all consuming passion that she knows they would have. That's what destroyed her parents marriage after all. One chance meeting, and one business proposal leaves them working closely together.
My heart hurt for Jacob. Dealing with PTSD, working with a father he detests, and a friend with benefits who wants more, he definitely has a full plate. When he's hit with a major deception just after he meets Sara for the first time, he realizes he needs to make some serious changes in his life. It's no wonder he finds it hard to trust. There were a lot of misunderstandings between the pair and I would have loved to see them talk things through more.
Sara is completely devoted to her family. She and her sisters have amazing relationships between them, and her disabled niece, Tessa, brings them all together nicely. The ultimate test for any man in her life is that little girl. If they can't handle being around her and the tantrums she sometimes has, or they treat her poorly, they're out. Sara is scared to even think of attempting a relationship with someone she's fantasized about for years. With undeniable chemistry, and the support of her family, she decides to give it a shot. I love the spunk and courage she has. She knows he has PTSD, and she is more than willing to work through things with him. Sara is a very strong woman and that's just what Jacob needs.
I felt that it took a little while to get into the story, but when things picked up it was so worth it. We got a lot of information on the sisters as well, which will help when we get their books as well. I love the family dynamic between the girls, and they're willingness to help out when one sister faces tragedy and must raise a disabled daughter on her own. Sara has her day job at the bank, and she takes on nights caring for her niece. This book is told in dual pov, which anyone who knows me also know it's my favorite form of writing. I love getting both sides, both views. I feel it opens up the story so much and we truly get more out of it. I commend Sierra on her debut. Excellent job!

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