Saturday, May 27, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Feel Me by Cecy Robson

Feel Me (O'Brien Family #4)Feel Me by Cecy Robson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And feel I did….
This series has had my heart from the first story and Mel and Declan’s story began way back then so I was more than ready to dive into this read. Each read has been a warm hug of emotion, family, laughter and all the feels I could ask for. This one is my new favourite!
“I’m just me, a woman who works hard, wants to do the right thing, and likes romance novels with shirtless pirates on them.”
And Melissa (Mel) was someone easy to love. As anyone who lives a life, there are personal struggles and challenges and Mel is no exception. How she meets them head on – with humour and tears and a quiet steadfastness – is what makes her extraordinary. Her choice in reading material is pretty darn great too! And Declan, like me, can’t resist her….
“…women who fixate on his a** like the winning lottery numbers are scrolled across his rock hard cheeks.”
Ahh Declan… What can you say about a man who is so self-assured and confident, so handsome on the outside and in. You want to slap him at times and hug him the next, as he fights for what he believes is right in his own unique style…
Each story in this series has elements that are irresistible including sibling relationships (and conversations) that make you laugh, mist up and want to dive right in and be a part of it all.
“I’ll be honest, despite the crust being harder than a drill sergeant’s n**sack, it was pretty good.”
There is no cookie cutter recipe for these stories. Each one stands on its own with unforgettable characters and family that you want to run to (rather than from). This outing had laughter and love and so much pain at times that the emotions were almost overwhelming. Overwhelming in only the best of ways. This author has found words and characters that fast-track right into my heart… Each and every time. If you haven’t met the O’Briens I envy you – being able to meet them for the very first time… Thank goodness there are more siblings with their stories yet to be told!

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