Friday, May 26, 2017

Shy's Review ~ Duke of Manhattan by Louise Bay

Duke of ManhattanDuke of Manhattan by Louise Bay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Another fantastic book by this author. It told the story of a British aristocrat who prefers to rule the boardrooms of Manhattan and has never been particularly interested in inheriting the title that should rightfully be his. To become the next Duke he'd have to be married and that's not in his plans. But finding out his empire is at risk changes things for him. Now marriage is a must and the only woman who makes sense for him is his feisty one night stand Scarlett.

This was fantastic couple. I loved them both in their own ways. Ryder might have been a player when he met Scarlett but he was honest about it and I could appreciate that. But of course she was his game changer. Scarlett on the other hand was dealing with financial and career drama on top of emotional baggage from a failed marriage. The last thing she wanted was Ryder, except their chemistry was off the charts and the more time they spent together you could just feel the ease and comfort between them.

I got some laughs, some emotion, great leading and secondary characters, a revisit with characters from past books, and over all the romance I crave. This was a winner for me and I look forward to experiencing more from this author in future.

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