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Diane's Review ~ The Beast and The Sibyl by A.J. Adams

The Beast and The Sibyl (Prydain, #2)The Beast and The Sibyl by A.J. Adams
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Humour and heart make for a stellar read!
I’ve visited Prydain before and I couldn’t wait to get back! I read Fletcher out of order but both stories are very much stand-alone stories. Other than the great writing – the humour, the bravery, the thoughtfulness – that has created a new, irresistible world!
“I had found the perfect woman and brought her home. Now all I had to do was make sure we’d live to enjoy our future.”
Romeo and Juliet it may not be but Siv and Bliss are definitely coming together from two very different cultures and backgrounds. They should hate each other for no reason other than who they are. When they are forced to rely on each other – for food, warmth, shelter, survival – their preconceived notions are going to war with feelings and truth they’ve never faced…
I LOVE this imaginary world of witches and warriors where wild animals are friends and not every enemy is black and white. The challenges and battles that both Siv and Bliss face – whether physical or mental – are human to the core. Love, loyalty, compassion. Bravery, honour and strength. Whether you are a fierce Skraeling or an honorable Prydain, those words means more than lip service. You live and breathe them in every word spoken and action taken.
The writing is stellar with fantasy and romance paired up perfectly with snappy dialogue part of every sweet moment and swashbuckling action scene. Swashbuckling? Well, it feels like it at times with heroes in tunics and all. There is humour and heart in these characters who stay true to themselves even as they open up their minds to more of life’s truths. This story does not deliver a message with a golden ruler but instead allows the character’s voices to remind us that our lives only get richer when we open up our hearts and our minds.

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