Friday, June 2, 2017

Diane's Review ~ A Change in Tide by Freya Barker

A Change in Tide (Northern Lights, #1)A Change in Tide by Freya Barker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet and slow…

Defining moments. We probably all have them in our lives, some good, and some bad, others happy and, yes, sad. They can help us grow yet they also may hold us back. Mia and Jared’s story could be a case study in these moments as their relationship grows and stumbles through shades of the past that continue to influence them both…
Mia and Jared were new neighbours, with Mia finding the tranquility of her remote home a balm to the struggles she faced. Jared was looking at a turning point in his life, in his family’s life, and looked at his new home as a way to regroup. A fresh start. From an eye-opening (eye-popping, really) first encounter, their story quickly found its pace in events that allowed all the characters to slowly reveal themselves to the reader as they did to each other.
“You made me forget what alone feels like.”
The sizzle between Mia and Jared was understated but definitely there as they worked through first impressions, assumptions and the hits that just kept on coming. I loved hearing, feeling, the story from their alternate points of view, allowing intimate glimpses into their fears and their apprehensions, as well as their innermost desires. Jared was all kinds of swoony protective where the loves of his life were concerned and seeing that play out against the strong women of his life made the laughs and the tears that much sweeter.
With rolling hills rather than steep mountains, this romance was a love story in typical Canadian fashion. Honest, forthright with understated emotion that left me feeling that love is always possible….

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