Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Just an Illusion - The B Side by D Kelly

Just an Illusion - The B Side (The Illusion, #2)

Just an Illusion - The B Side by D Kelly
5 out of 5 stars


Did someone say devastating cliffhanger?

How many times does a book start with a heart-pounding cliffhanger and then end with an even more devastating one? Well, add one more to that short list because the B Side took my Side A-pummeled heart and shredded it even more…

If the first book in this series was angst-filled I’m not sure how to describe this emotional potboiler. Honestly, with everything that was going on, this story should have been over the top and soaking it way too much drama to handle. It wasn’t. Far from it. Instead, it was a delicious hot mess of human frailties, insecurities and overwhelming love. Throw in characters with so much humanness and I was glued to each and every intriguing page. There was smoldering sex and disarming humour. Amelia, Noah. Sawyer. Belle. Add many more, throw them onto rocker buses, mix, stir, shake. And what do you get?

An emotionally-gutting story that requires Kleenex (do NOT forget the Kleenex) and an ending that has me swiping my kindle frantically for the next instalment. Where is the next story? I NEED IT NOW!
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