Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Make Me Stay by Sidney Halston

Make Me Stay (Panic, #2)Make Me Stay by Sidney Halston
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

She did the one thing he couldn’t forgive…

Oh Matt, I couldn’t wait for your story… I LOVED Nick and Katie’s story in Pull Me Close and Matt was a big part of that five-star read. He was there to be supportive, funny and a pain in the ass like only the best of brothers can be. I wanted only good things for the seemingly happy go lucky guy and what awaited him was good, angst-y and oh so satisfying…

This is a standalone story but Matt and April’s bumpy courtship has everything to do with what came before. There is an instant connection between them, obvious in their flirty banter and their mutual attraction you can feel it is so strong. And it’s all about the feels as the characters live and breathe joy and happiness as well as fear, anger and sadness. Sounds like a pot-boiler and it is. A cauldron of broiling emotion that takes over their hearts, minds and lives…

“Panic is all about numbness. The illusion of being worry-free, alcohol making you brave and forgetful, lust motivating you to be wicked.”

Matt is a good guy with edges galore. Even when he didn’t want to be good – he wanted to be angry and bitter and hurtful, he wanted to wallow in all the hurt. April was his equal. She wanted to do what was right and do it the right way. Hurting Matt was the last thing she wanted. Life doesn’t always play along though and their relationship was going to be tested to the breaking point. And I was thrilled to be along for each moment of it…

The turmoil, the inner battles – they were real, strong and impossible not to feel… Awesome!

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