Friday, June 2, 2017

Diane's Review ~ The Noir et Bleu by D.R. Graham

The Noir et Bleu (Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club #4)The Noir et Bleu by D.R. Graham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When a story makes you feel too much…
How does an author do that? While the story’s writing seems a degree or two separated from the hearts of the characters, still she made me care about some and dislike others. Really dislike them at times! Even from a distance I could feel the torment, the pain and the conflict that this ensemble of family, friends, of brethren, were going to live. And I wanted that distance as this raw and gritty MC story had the same realistic feel as the previous instalment. There is no sugar coating what life in a motorcycle club is. It is family. It is life. And it is death… And I knew I was going to feel it all…
Len is the fourth, and youngest, Desrochers brother but he feels the pressure of his siblings’ vocation. He wants out – he has a plan – but family, love and circumstances have other ideas. He battles himself, his brothers and their expectations as he rails against what he sees as a future that is almost inevitable. But one he does not want… There were sweet moments and so many stomach in your throat ones as the MC life intruded in dark and violent ways. The plot played out with club rivalries and revenge sparking a war that was going to leave no one unscathed….
I didn’t want to like this book because I knew the characters would pull me in with their thirst for love and family even as it played out on a harsh and bloody background. (I knew it would make me cry, I knew it.) It was a loud, roller coaster ride to a quiet, bittersweet ending, with characters that I will be thinking about long after closing that last page.

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