Saturday, June 10, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Outlaw's Salvation by Lena Bourne

Outlaw's Salvation (A Viper’s Bite MC Novel Book 2): A Bad Boy MC Romance (Viper's Bite MC)Outlaw's Salvation (A Viper’s Bite MC Novel Book 2): A Bad Boy MC Romance by Lena Bourne
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The tension continues….
Have you read the first book in the first series? While each story centers on a different couple, it also builds on the last and makes much more sense when read in order. Tommy and Tara found common ground in Outlaw’s Hope and this time out Samantha and Brett are brought together in an explosive match up…
“…I was dead inside…”
What Samantha has endured is horrific, to put it mildly. She is jaded to be sure but her character is not as hardened as you would expect. You can see the dilemma she has to stand up for herself, do the right thing and believe it (and she) is worth it all.
“…you always go for the bad girls.”
“But she’s my bad girl, and she’s exactly the woman I always wanted…”

Is she bad? Maybe. No one is lily white and Brett can see, and appreciate, both the good and the bad in Samantha. When his protectiveness becomes more than a favour to a friend, the nuances in both Brett and Samantha’s personalities come to the forefront. And those nuances are captivating. As the story progressed and I was able to dig deeper into who they really were, the bad seemed to be put in a perspective that brought empathy with it.
While I wasn’t sure if I like the word squirter at first, by the end of this story I knew for sure. I’ve officially tacked it on the “hell no” cork board along with moist. What I also found out was this series had me hooked to the characters and the continuing, tension-filled plot. Along with love came even more uncertainty and I need to find out what happens next… NOW!

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