Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lynzi's Review ~ Winter's Absolution by Kristina Canady

Winter's AbsolutionWinter's Absolution by Kristina Canady
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 holy macaroni stars!!

Holy hell this book!!

I have never went from reading the last word of a book, to immediately messaging the author. I have never missed appointments or been late for plans and things I had to do because I was too wrapped up in reading. But this book made me do both. This book....ugh...I can't even find the words.

Just know, I was blown the hell away!!

Dark, twisted, and messed up is kinda my thing. I love a fucked up story. I love how it twists your insides, makes you heart broken, on the verge of being sick, wanting to drown in darkness, and then finally seeing the light. Finally finding the beauty. But also the part of realizing it was beautiful all along. There is beauty in pain. There is beauty in the tough times. Shaping you into the person you were always meant to be and the person you need to be. There is always beauty in the darkness, and that's the light. When you finally reach it, when it is finally in your grasp, you have your victory. Even though it doesn't feel like a victory at the moment. This book was that!

There was so much pain, so many demons on both sides, but they each brought each other light. In their own fucked up way, they shined brighter for the other and thanks to the other. Their demons danced a perfect dance together. Their screams made a perfect in tuned symphony together.

It was dark.
It was twisted.
It was absolutely amazing!

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