Monday, June 5, 2017

Release Blitz ~ Fighting for Your Touch by Nikki Ash

Title: Fighting For Your Touch
Series: The Fighting Series Book 3
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Contemporary/Sports Romance
(can be standalone)
Release Date: June 3, 2017

Country Gals Book Blog - “I was glued from the first page and couldn't put the book down. This was another great love story.”

S-n-M Book Blog - “I absolutely couldn't put this down! I was torn between wanting to know how it all unfolded and never wanting it to end.”

Author J.L. Baldwin - “I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good, strong, heroine and a shattered man she is just itching to piece back together.”

As a teenager I learned firsthand how untrustworthy and cruel a woman could be. She destroyed me from the inside out and took everything from me. The first chance I got, I ran, and have been running from my past ever since.
Until I met Hayley.
She's a complete game changer.
She's everything I never thought a woman could be.
She's honest and sincere and completely selfless,
And by some miracle she's fighting for me.
I'm learning if I want to keep her, I'm going to need to find the courage to fight for us instead of finding the strength to run.


Nikki Ash definitely does not disappoint. Her books, and these characters have quickly become some of my favorites. They just keep getting better and better.

What we have already seen of Caleb, I knew his story wouldn't be easy. I knew he would have some craziness in his past. Enough craziness to make him the closed of person we have come to know. But I can tell you, I was NEVER waiting for all that it was. I was in such shock and such heartache, it was hard to read. For as much as I loved this story, is as much as I hated his past. But they go hand in hand, and with out his past, he would of never become him, and he is amazing. 

I'm not gonna go into too much details about this one. But if you have read books 1 and 2, then you know kinda what to expect of this one. Hayley hasn't been subtle when it comes to everyone knowing she wants Caleb. And Caleb hasn't been subtle when it comes to letting everyone know, he isn't interested. Not that it has anything to do with her, but everything to do with him. She finally decides to give up on him, knowing it will never happen. You can only push someone away so many times, until they actually get the hint and stay away. That's exactly what she did. And let's just say, Caleb didn't like that too much. She makes him feel things he's never wanted to feel. Things he never thought himself capable of feeling. 

This story contains things that I hate and things that can be triggers to someone, which is normally MY trigger. When I realized what was going on, I felt sick to my stomach. And normally when I read books with this I can't get through it, I have a hard time, but I got through this one, and I am so glad I did. Even with the horrible things, I still loved this one. Even though it made my heart hurt, I seen the joy and love, and that made it so much better. 

Now I have to patiently wait for Kaden and Ashley's story, and I know that one will be a storm of craziness and drama, and I can't wait!!!

Nikki Ash resides in South Florida where she is an English teacher and mom by day and a writer by night. When she’s not writing, you can find her with a book in her hand. From the Boxcar Children to Wuthering Heights to the latest Single Parent Romance, she has lived and breathed every type of book. 
Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out. - Pam Allyn
While reading and writing are her passions, her two children are her entire world. You can probably find them at a Disney park before you would find them at home on the weekends!


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