Friday, June 2, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ Axle's Brand by C.M. Owens

Axle's Brand (Death Chasers MC, #3)Axle's Brand by C.M. Owens
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Axle and Maya both have scars. While Maya's are only internal, Axle wears his on the outside as well. He's a part of the Death Chasers MC with a tortured past. She's a maniacal girl who roller skates around corpses.
Let's start with Axle. He's built, sexy and broody. No woman is crazy enough to approach him unless she is summoned. Don't touch him. Keep your distance. When he sets his sights on the crazy derby girl, there's no stopping him. He'll protect the girl that capture his attention with everything he has. They're each in a war of their own, but they're strangely connected as well.
Maya is completely bad ass. She's slightly crazy, but she's soon to find out that she's Axle's brand of crazy. I love how straight forward she is. Life is short and she isn't going to waste a moment beating around the Bush with what she wants. And she wants Axle. She doesn't see his scars as scary. She sees them as a sign of strength and beauty. She'll handle her war, then she'll handle him.
There isn't a thing I didn't like about this book. I've loved the series so far and I think this one is my favorite. I love all of the other characters as well and can't wait for some of their stories. This is a bit darker than the others but I think that's part of why I loved it so much. C.M. Owens does an awesome job with the details of their pasts. I really enjoyed reading both of their views. It add so much to the story. I could not put this one down once I started. It was a late night to say the least, but oh so worth it!

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