Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ The Doctor's Redemption by Victoria James

The Doctor's Redemption (Shadow Creek, Montana, #3)The Doctor's Redemption by Victoria James
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Dr. Luke Thompson is in Shadow Creek to make amends for an accident he's spent five years blaming himself for. He spends his nights working in the hospital emergency room, grabbing coffee and a muffin at the local chocolaterie on his way home. He isn't there to make friends or meet women, but the owner has caught his attention.
Gwen Bailey owns the chocolaterie. She admires the man that comes in each morning. He doesn't speak to her and she doesn't know his name, therefore she's dubbed him the Muffin Man. She's taken care of everyone else for a long time, and now she dreams of her own happily ever after.
I absolutely loved following these characters through their journey. My heart ached for Luke and the hell he'd put himself through for five years. The attraction between the two was obvious. Luke couldn't possibly consider even a date without Gwen knowing the truth if his past. So many things can go wrong. Big decisions need to be made, but of course things never go as planned. Feelings are hurt and emotions are second guesses. Can two people who deserve a real chance at love and happiness truly get that chance?
This book was beautifully written. The Bailey family show you what love and loyalty and forgiveness really look like. Once I started this one, I couldn't put it down. I found myself up late into the night, crying and laughing. I love books that are written in dual pov, but I think in some stories that's more important than others. In this one, it helped a lot in understanding both Luke and Gwen. I had those moments where I wanted to shake Luke and force him to just tell her already. Of course, where would the story be if he just fessed up from the beginning? This was an emotional read, even the introduction of Luke's sister, who I'm hoping we get a story for next.

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