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Tiffany's Review ~ Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy

Rock Star (Bad Boy Homecoming, #5)Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


Rae Evans and Travis Walker were in love in high school. They each had dreams that unfortunately led them away from each other. Ten years later, fame has gotten the best of Travis, and he needs to remember what being normal feels like. Finding himself at his high school reunion, he seeks Rae out. He needs his anchor to bring out of the fog he's in. Without her he feels lost, alone and forgetting what it's like to have people around who just want you as a person, not a rockstar. Rae has also made her dreams come true, right on her timeline she set for herself. A popular veterinarian in their hometown, she's ready to open her second practice. Will this reunion bring them closer together again, or break hearts yet again?
Rae is a very logical person. There is a reason for everything and it's easier for her to use logic than her heart. She can't trust her heart, it's been broken and she can't let that happen again. So when she decides to take Travis up on his offer of one night before he has to return to New York, she refuses to get her heart involved. It's just great sex with a familiar person, nothing more. When one night isn't enough, it turns into three, until real life intrudes and calls Travis back to reality.
My heart broke for their teenage story. You could see how in love they were when they were forced to break up for their dreams. I had hoped that they would make long distance work, but that reunion...damn! It was worth the wait for the amazing chemistry they had. I was a little torn on Travis to begin with. It felt like he just wanted to use Rae to get back to himself. He didn't want to break her heart again, but he knew he wouldn't be staying and he couldn't ask her to go with him. He redeemed himself in my eyes a bit because of the depth of feelings he had for her, and how it affected him when he had to leave. There were so many feelings and emotions coming into play when it came to these two. They both got what they wanted out of life, but was the sacrifice too much?
I have to say, I was very pleased reading this book. This is an excellent series, very well done. I do love a good second chance romance and the heat was off the charts. I always find myself rooting for the couple when it's obvious so many years later that they're still it for each other even when so much has changed for each of them. And let me say...that epilogue? OMG that was the sweetest! Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. I recommend reading the series from the beginning, but this is a complete standalone.

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