Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ Trusting Tanner by Lexi Lawton

Trusting Tanner (The Collins Brothers, #1)Trusting Tanner by Lexi Lawton
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


While attending college, Julianna is with her best friend, Devon, when Tanner spots her and feels an instant connection. She's been hurt in the past, cheated on. Now she'll focus in school instead of boys. They aren't worth the heartache. Trust is a huge obstacle for Julianna and she's not sure she can trust enough to date anyone.
I loved how Julianna was able to stand up for herself after she was hurt. I hated that she couldn't see the good in anyone except her best friend though. I enjoyed watching her come out of her shell slowly.
Tanner was amazing and truly helped Julianna see the good in others. He was a relationship kind of guy. He wasn't a player and he didn't do one night stands. He was very focused in school and didn't put up with drama. He did have an issue with Devon being the best friend. He was sure there were more feelings than friendship. When someone comes along who Tanner had turned down for a one nighter in the past, she isn't happy that he's in a relationship. On top of that, she sees Julianna as way beneath her. Just when the relationship between them is going great and moving forward, a send of a text threatens to ruin it all. How can Julianna trust Tanner when the proof is right in front of her?
Lexi did an excellent job with this book. I loved the characters and their back stories. I really enjoyed meeting Tanners brothers as well as Devon. I hope they all get their own stories and happily ever afters.

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