Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ali's Review ~ Jag by Stevie J. Cole

Jag (Pandemic Sorrow, #1)Jag by Stevie J. Cole
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

~ Ali

Jag is the gripping telling of the struggle of a sex god, rock and roll addict. I was pulled into this story right from the start. There are no hearts and flowers, but a true account of loving an addict. The way Cole delved into this monumental subject had me unable to put this book down. Jag Steel is your average kid growing up with a single mom who works hard to achieve his dream of making and performing music. Once in the life of rock and roll star, sex and drugs come hand and hand. Spiraling out of control after years of this life shows us the internal war Jag deals with when he meets Roxie. She sees him, really sees him not the rockstar. Jag is heartbreaking trying to choose between Jag the man or Jag Steel the rocker. Cole delivers a story not just about a love story or a rock band story but a real, honest, ugly story about addiction and the challenges that person faces. My heart (and eyes) wept at times for Jag and I was hoping and rooting that Roxie being in his life would be enough to help him. This story was told so flawlessly that I became part of the story. I laughed, I wept, I held my breath in fear of the outcome. This story will make you look at relationships and see the work that most romances leave out. Be prepared to read the rest of Pandemic Sorrow Series because you will not want to stop after the last page.

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