Monday, July 3, 2017

Ali's Review ~ No Pink Caddy by Layne Harper

No Pink Caddy (ACE, #1)No Pink Caddy by Layne Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am really glad I pick up No Pink Caddy. This was my first by Harper and it set the bar high. I love books in New Orleans and I felt Harper had no trouble painting a picture to immerse myself in MK’s little neighborhood. The combination of alternative first person and the social media and text communications was a huge success in my opinion. It was fun and different and brought the reader further into the minds of the main characters. MK was an easily relatable heroine. I love her independent nature and her witty personality. I think more so today than ever, women are reaching 30 without the husband and children and white picket fence. MK’s fears of not having her life on societies arbitrary timeline is something readers empathize with. Aaron is a wonderful hero in this story and creates so much interest into this budding relationship. Having been the rock n roll persona Johnny, Aaron has a lifetime of issues he deals with on a daily basis, including being an addict. I found his initial interest in MK a little hard to believe and just tried to keep it as a chance encounter in my mind and not the choreographed surprise of a stalker. Aaron I think will test readers as much as he test MK and I hope readers are as strong as she is to see where this relationship can lead. I look forward to following along with them in the next book.

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