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Amazon Review Tour ~ Hollywood Binge by Julia Bright and Rylie Roberts

Series: Hollywood Binge
Authors: Julia Bright and Rylie Roberts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 11, 2017
Available on Kindle Unlimited

Anything is possible for the women in apartment 7B.
Secrets have a way of snowballing, even in the scorching heat of southern California.
Cam Harris just has to clean up his act enough to get the part in a family friendly, major motion picture, and then he can go back to his partying ways as long as he keeps them secret. But what if he doesn’t want to party all the time? His brother Zach won’t let him forget they are the Harris Brothers, and partying is their style. Cam wants more from life than beer, blunts, and babes, but he’s not sure how to break free.
Rose Underwood has no money at the middle of the month, much less the end. She needs a miracle, but flashing flesh at the struggling diner where she serves burgers and fries isn’t cutting it…Until the Harris Brothers walk into her life. After getting invited to Zach’s party, she’s over the moon, but she doesn’t understand Zach wants her there as a party girl for pay. The misunderstanding boils over when Cam comes to her rescue—well, kind of rescue. His act of “kindness” makes life much worse for Rose and may cause her to lose her job. When Rose’s journalist roommate, Kady, hears about the incident with the Harris Brothers, she is livid since she didn’t get in on the action. Now Rose may lose her job, and her place to live. Secrets are thick, and keeping them quiet is impossible in Hollywood. It seems like life can’t get any worse, but that’s where Rose is so very wrong.


I was blown away by Cam and his ways. His morals may have gotten a little shady when he first got to Hollywood, but the fact that his desire for more was stronger than the temptations and privileges of the business, says so much. He was so different than I thought he would be. I expected him to be just like his brother, Zach. Watching his brother stuggle his way through life, was hard for Cam. He's determined to help him see the light. Being in the industry he is, it makes finding someone true and with the wants to have a real relationship, is hard. That's why he needs someone who isn't in the business, yet. 

With dreams of being an actress, Rose works to get by, hoping one day she will get her big break. Just like almost every other person in Hollywood. One thing she never expected was for the famous Harris brothers to walk into the diner where she works. Much less for them to sit in her section. What she thinks will be an invite to an amazing beginning, turns out to be the furthest thing she could of thought of. Thank goodness for someone who still has a heart, and believes in a thing called right and wrong. She didn't get the beginning she thought she was getting out of the party, but she definitely got a beginning. 

I haven't read many, if not any, actor/Hollywood star books. To me they just seem superficial, because let's face it, it's Hollywood and that equals superficial. It doesn't matter if it's in the real world, or the book world. So I tent to stay away. When I read a book, I want real feels, real emotions, and real connections. Even though I was super surprised, this book gave me that. 

Cam and Rose together was like a fresh of breath air after being in a sand storm. They weren't at all what I was expecting, and their connection was amazing. 

This story consists of things that can/do happen to stars. Which kept things as real as they could get. With that being said, my hopes are high, and I am so looking forward to reading the next book, Roan. 
Even the best kept secrets only last so long. 

Life comes easy to Roan Westfield—big man on campus, college football star, girl magnet, and family wealth too—until a silly, beautiful, enchanting cheerleader takes a misstep into his lap at a citywide pep rally and changes the course of his life forever. Damn fate. In hindsight, he should have let her take the fall. His heart still hasn’t recovered from the deep ruts Presley left in her wake.
Goal oriented, Presley Adams is determined to move past her meager upbringing, but life isn’t always easy on her. While she’s had her fair share of struggles, she generally manages to land on her feet, until an intricate tumbling pass goes askew and she winds up wrapped around the gorgeous upperclassman football star. She should have ignored how nicely he cushioned her fall, because the only thing Roan manages to do is leave her devastated and alone to pick up the pieces of her life.
Secrets have a way of changing the rules. When California calls, both answer but for very different reason. Now, on a collision course with destiny, can Roan dig deep to find the answers he needs or will the past destroy his one true chance at happiness?


I love reading a book that can surprise me and leaving me with some feels I can't even describe. This book did it. This book did so much. I fell in love with these character's, and I didn't want it to end. 

Roan comes from a very well established family. Which means a lot is expected out of him. Including the way he lives his life and who he has in it. Falling in love with someone from the wrong side of the tracks, isn't a good thing. But from the moment he lays eyes on Presley, he knows she's the one. It doesn't matter where she comes from, as long as he can have her. When lines are crossed and feelings start to run deep, things start to blur and life doesn't look so nice. 

Presley is determined to rise above the life she has known. She wants more than she had growing up, and wants to help herself and her family. She would never do anything to jeopardize the future she dreams of. Nor did she think one night with the guy she has always had a crush on, could possibly ruin it all. Or that it would ruin her heart. When she is left broken hearted and alone, she finds reasons to be more determined than ever. Failing at life, is no longer an option. 

As fate would have it, they end up in the same city again. Coming face to face, they realize they have a past to sort through and a future to determine if they can have. The stakes are higher. The hurt is deepers. The love stronger. 

There is nothing I live reading more, than a book where the person is from the 'wrong' side of the tracks. I love seeing a character overcome every crappy thing life has thrown at them, and end up better and stronger in the end. That is what this book is. Overcoming the odds. Determination at its best. The knowledge that giving up is not an option. Prevailing in all its glory. This story has heart. It has pain. It has it all. 

Julia Bright loves romance and novels. She enjoys the escape a good book provides. Her favorite pastime is sitting on a lounge reading while sipping a cool drink. For more information contact

Rylie Roberts is the Amazon #1 international bestselling author and native Texan who loves to write and read romance. Please follow the newsletter by emailing or following me on social media. Stay tuned, there's more on the way


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